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K-9 JOE Program at Boxer Rescue LA


Joe Ramirez, professionally known as K-9 Joe, has been passionate about Boxers his whole life. He has been training dogs for the past 10 years. Joe recently founded the Boxer Rescue LA K-9 Joe-Training Camp. Along with a dedicated volunteer team they work tirelessly to insure all Boxers at BRLA have a chance at adoption.

Joe has been involved with Boxer Rescue LA since 1997 and knows Boxers and BRLA inside and out. He has been involved with just about every aspect of BRLA and thousands of Boxers adopted over the years. Joe is the BRLA Boxer Guru and has helped hundreds of adopters work out transition issued with newly adopted Boxers. His sound advice and proven training methods have kept many Boxers in their home rather than being surrendered or returned to BRLA. Joe has always been a great after adoption resource for BRLA.


Joe now turns his focus to those BRLA Boxers awaiting adoption that need some special attention. Not every dog that comes to rescue is a cupcake, some can be a challenge and need the experience of Joe and his team to help them along. Joe and team made the commitment to work with these dogs to make them adoptable This program is set up to train a limited amount of Boxers at a time for maximum effectiveness. When a dog in the program is adopted the next candidate waiting is immediately enrolled.

The K-9 Joe team includes an extremely devoted group of BRLA volunteers. This team knows Boxers. They are all Boxer enthusiasts and collectively have years and years of experience of living with and training Boxers. This team gives their heart and soul to the dogs in training as they do it voluntarily. This kind of devotion comes from the completed love of Boxers

The BRLA K-9 Joe team

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This team has outfitted BRLA's Herrick kennel with the resources necessary to provide Joe's dog with an environment condusive to positive results. The dogs get both mental and physical exercise. The training area has artificial turf for traction, a pair of treadmills, a 9 foot 1000 gallon swimming pool along with tons of toys and agility tools. An urban open area is critical for the power of the pack to provide social skills. Of course Joe and his training team are the most important factor to the success of this training program.

The Power of the Pack at work: Previously anti-social dogs transformed by Joe and his team.


Here is a typical workout for a K-9 Joe Boxer in training:

tread Energy is first drained on the treadmill with a power walk/run Dogs are always supervised. Two side by side treadmills give them a chance to work on social skills as well during this time.

Weather permitting it is then into the pool for a swim. The team has notice how focused the Boxers are in the water. This is great for improving social skills and keeps our guys cool in the summer as well.
2 Now it is time for leash work in the outside world. More social skills are developed with more time and more Boxers on the walks.

By this time, with a good amount of physical activity the Boxers are ready to pay attention to obedience work. Each dog is worked on their heel, sit and stay.They work both on and off leash

3 Finally there is the most important training of all – supervised social time with other dogs in the program. This is the greatest reward for the training team...seeing a dog that was once agressive appreciate the friendship of another.

These Boxer came to BRLA with little or no manners, high energy and in need of social skills. Through the dedication of the K-9 Joe training team, these Boxers are receiving the training they need to become good canine citizens. It is truly amazing to see Joe and his team walking a pack of these Boxers, knowing that a few months earlier they would not have tolerated being around other dogs. The trust and respect is obvious between Boxer and training team. Joe and his team do not stop with training the Boxers. When a Training Graduate is adopted the team provides complete and specific instruction to keep these dogs in good standing.

It is Joe and his team that provides the Training Graduates with a calm, assertive routine that has transformed their lives. They are ready to begin a new adventure in a home of their own, with K-9 Joe and team backing them every step of the way.

The K-9 Joe program is also the perfect haven for seniors that need more space, more fresh air and more attention that at the main BRLA facility. The Herrick facility where K-9 Joe and his crew work is a very small family like facility with the right care for high energy dogs to the laid back seniors enjoying the luxury space and fredom. The dogs all benefit from this environment and from the care they receive with K-9 Joe and his team.

Click on K-9 Joe (below) to see profiles of all the available BRLA Boxers in the program that are ready for adoption.


Since the launch of K-9 Joe's training at BRLA nearly 100 more challenging Boxers have been given the ultimate second chance and found the perfect home to provide the structure and environment they thrive in. Some of the lucky dogs are listed to the left.

CLICK HERE to see a Family Album of K-9 Joe's Successes

BRLA believes in K-9 Joe and his Herrick team. We hope that you will to and consider donating any amount to keep this facility open and helping those who need a little more help. Donations are tax deductible