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Sarah Anderson has been working with dogs for over 20 years and has been training them professionally for 9. A certified trainer for Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as the American Kennel Club, Sarah teaches 5 to 7 group obedience classes a week, including puppy classes, advanced obedience with a focus on the Canine Good Citizen Test, Trick Training, Flyball, Agility, Pet First Aid and specialty classes for Deaf Dogs. She also does in home training by appointment. For more information on her training services, please visit or

Volunteering her training skills for local Los Angeles County shelters, as well as for several pure and mixed breed dog rescue groups including Boxer Rescue LA - ( Save the Dalmatians of Southern California (, Noah's Bark (, and Animals Rule ( Sarah also edits the Boxer Rescue LA newsletter, works with available deaf and hearing boxers awaiting homes, and provides discounted training for all dogs adopted from Boxer Rescue LA.


Sarah lives and trains in Los Angeles with her three rescue dogs:

Dodger: A four year-old fawn boxer, who specializes in agility, trick seminars, obedience demonstrations and socialization exercises with dog aggressive dogs.
Twist: A one-year-old deaf white boxer, who specialties are socialization exercises with dog aggressive dogs and is currently working on his CGC title and learning agility.

Dakota: A seven year-old Black Lab/German Shorthair Pointer mix that does Flyball and agility.

Working out of the southern California area has given Sarah many opportunities to do what she loves, train dogs and teach other people how to nurture and improve the bond between themselves and their pets. She is always available for phone or e-mail consultations.

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