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How Boxer Rescue Fund Inc., L. A. Came to Be and Why

Founded in 1977 by Ursula Sauthier out of a love for the breed and a fierce determination to improve the conditions of these homeless animals. We received non-profit status in 1997. Over the last 21 years, Ursula and her volunteers have saved and placed over 3,000 Boxers. Our goal has always been to save Boxers and place them in loving homes that understand the requirements of the breed. These dogs need lots of human contact, love and attention, regular exercise, and a bed to sleep inside the home each night. While in the temporary care of Boxer Rescue L. A., if needed the dog is examined by a licensed veterinarian, spayed or neutered, given its vaccinations, and any other medical attention required. They are fed, exercised, and loved until we find the right human companion for them. Our placement coordinators carefully screen potential pet owners to ensure that they are the right match for the dog. Boxers consider themselves a family member and need to be treated as such. In return, you will receive unconditional love, a loyal companion, and lots of laughs from these four-legged comedians.

We provide California Adoptions only  Search for adoptions in other parts of the country and the world.

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