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September 2006


Summer is over and it’s back to school and back to work. We start off with a helpful feature informing you of problems many dog owners encounter with homeowner insurance companies and landlords. We hope this information helps dogs stay in their homes forever. Boxer Rescue takes in many dogs that are left behind when their family moves. We feel the featured success story of Faith is a refreshing change, as Faith moved with her devoted owner to the other side of the planet.

Our usual features; training tips from K9-Joe and Ask Sarah continue to educate our readers. Check out the details on our upcoming fundraising FurBall and Silent Auction, coming November 4. You won’t want to miss the chance of making your boxer famous by including them in the soon to be published BRLA rescue calendar for 2007.

Inside The Boxer Beat
  • A Star is Born!
  • In the Doghouse
  • A Leap of Faith
  • K9-Joe: The Walk
  • FurBall & Silent Auction Fundraiser
  • Ask Sarah
  • Lucky Dogs!
  • Monthly Miracle Makers

  • In the Doghouse

    We hear stories from pet loving homeowners and renters about the problems they encounter with insurance companies and landlords. Hopefully this article will shed some light and solve some problems.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, dog owners are biting back at the insurance industry. Lawmakers and animal-welfare groups are coming together to ban the insurance industry practice of canceling or refusing to write homeowners’ policies for people who own certain breeds of dogs. (BRLA note: Boxers are rarely on these lists) You could also encounter insurance problems should your dog have an unfortunate incident (a bite) as minor as it may seem.

    They say these lists and rules unfairly link well-behaved family pets with aggressive troublemakers who are responsible for most reported incidents. Clearly it is not solely a specific breed that is the problem here. Owners are responsible for the behavior of any breed of dog.

    Neuter your male dogs! Adam Goldfarb, of the Humane Society states that "According to the CDC, more than 70% of the dogs involved in incidents are un-neutered males," he said. "No other statistic is as big as that." Mr. Goldfarb said the Humane Society might support insurability criteria that looked at whether a dog has been spayed or neutered and has been obedience- trained.

    If you find yourself in this insurance predicament, contact an Insurance Broker who represents several different companies. They will know where and how to place your coverage. You should never have to give up your dog for insurance coverage.
    California Insurance Specialists are brokers that represent over 50 companies.
    Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc, specializes in high risk insurance policies

    Pet Friendly Rentals
    Too many dogs are surrendered to rescue because their owner could not find a place to live that accepts dogs. There are numerous services available that specialize in pet friendly rentals. There is absolutely no reason a person with the desire to keep their pet cannot find a suitable residence where they can live together happily.
    Here are just a few pet friendly referral services:

    Tenant Rights.
    Another problem we hear about is landlords suddenly informing tenants that they can no longer have a dog. According to a reputable realtor, you should review you lease terms. Unless it specifically states that you are not allowed to have a dog, your landlord cannot implement or enforce rules not agreed to by both parties at the time of lease signing.

    You also have specific tenant rights if you live in Los Angeles county. These rights include a $2500 - $3000 relocation fee to be paid by your landlord should he force you to move. So before you give up your dog, or move to a new location, contact a realtor for tenant rights in your county.

    We hope this information keeps you out of the doghouse and your beloved pet happily in theirs.

    A Leap of Faith

    By Sally King

    I am a horse trainer from New Zealand. I came to the US to work with Monty Roberts “The Horse Whisper” on his Solvang, ranch in 2005. My stay in the US was to be a little over a year. I have had boxers in the past. I found the BRLA website and reached out to foster a senior during my stay.

    I saw Faith, a 7 year old sweet girl with a lovely gray muzzle. BRLA was hesitant to send a senior into a temporary situation as seniors are fostered permanently. It was agreed that I would help find Faith a permanent home during her stay with me. I don’t know who was kidding who, but BRLA continued to be supportive even as my intentions to re-home Faith waned and disappeared entirely. It was obvious within a few months of living with Faith, that she was my dog forever, regardless of where we live. From day one on the ranch, she tolerated a collection of people and dogs that shared the bunk house.

    When we first began to get to know one another, I was determined that as a professional horse trainer, Faith would represent my beliefs by being perfectly trained. Faith is, of course, perfect in every way, but the training was mostly done by her and has resulted in me being a near perfect owner (on leash anyway) She loved seaside living and enjoyed the other ranch dogs.

    We continued training and went thought the Delta Society Pet Partners therapy dog training program. We did the program primarily as a training tool so Faith and I would be comfortable with a variety of environments and people. Not to mention the smart looking vest she got to wear. She passed the entire Delta Therapy testing with flying colors which is no small feat.

    The time came for me to return to New Zealand and there was not a doubt that Faith was coming home with me. We began preparing her for the journey which included a 12 hour flight and a 30 day quarantine to become an official Kiwi. She traveled like a champ. The travel consultants put two large buckets of ice in her crate which was clever, as they stayed frozen during taxi and take-off but gradually thawed during the flight for Faith to drink

    Once we landed, we were allowed to see her after she was settled into quarantine. Faith was overjoyed to see us! I had an animal communicator working with her before, during and after the flight and during quarantine, reassuring her that she hadn't been abandoned. We visited her nearly every day. She was really well-adjusted, no doubt from the time she spent at Boxer Rescue, and seemed comfortable in the large kennels and runs they had. It should have been a 4-star hotel for the price! She lost about 8 of the 10 lbs I had slowly put on her in advance, knowing she would be slightly “off her feed” while in quarantine. When we picked her up at Easter we took her straight to a big grassy field where she ran and rolled and was the happiest dog in the land!

    Faith is happy with her new life in New Zealand. She continues to amaze me. Faith is now the caregiver for Lollie, an orphan lamb that I am bottle-rearing for a couple of months. They sleep together, play together and are inseparable. It is so lovely to see Faith enjoy being maternal.

    Having travelled over 7500 miles, Faith is probably one of the most extensively traveled BRLA boxer. She is definitely one of the most expensive with the costs involved with her travel and quarantine, but worth every penny. She is the most perfect dog in the world. She brings me an inordinate amount of joy moment by moment. I will be lost without her when the times comes, but know how much she is helping and giving to me with her unconditional love. If I could aspire to be half the loving being she is, I would be proud.
    Sally King

    BRLA note*: We think Faith would agree that it is never too late to have the time of your life!

    K9-Joe: The Walk

    Now that you have adopted a dog, you are ready to provide your new pet with one of the most critical needs; EXERCISE. A well adjusted dog thrives on exercise, discipline (a routine) and love. By walking your dog correctly every day you are bonding and establishing yourself as the pack leader. Your dog will feel secure and love you for this.

    Here are the basics:

    You want your dog calm in advance of the walk. Never chase your dog to put their leash on as this excited energy will carry over into the walk.

    You exit the door first. This will establish the routine of you leading and the dog following.

    On the walk, you lead and the dog follows. If your dog pulls ahead, give them a quick corrective jerk on the leash. If they continue to pull, immediately do an “about face” and give a tug on the leash for your dog to reverse course with you. If they continue pulling, continue the about face routine and your dog will soon realize it is easier to follow you than to walk in circles. Remain calm at all times, if you get frazzled, frustrated or angry, your dog picks up on that energy and becomes anxious

    Walk with confidence and pretend you know where you are going, if you are successful your dog will follow you. Do not allow your dog to be in front, teach him to walk right next to you or behind you. Remember leaders lead, followers follow so choose your position.

    There are two types of walks.
    The disciplined walk which is where you and your dog go through the ritual of traveling together as a pack, with you as pack leader. The length of the disciplined walk should be reflective of the energy level of your breed of dog.

    The leisure walk is more of a social bonding time. This is for when you are tired and are tempted to skip the walk. NO WAY. You got your dog used to the routine so get the leash and go. This is the perfect time to relax, you are not going anywhere just go outside your home and hang out, you can even use a long lead, there is no training involved, allow your dog to sniff and have a good time.

    You need to walk your dog every day. It is good for your dog and it is good for you. Once you have mastered the walk, you will enjoy the time shared with your dog.

    FurBall & Silent Auction Fundraiser

    Mark your calendars, the Boxer Rescue LA, signature fundraiser is coming November 4, 2006.

    This years Fur Ball and Silent Auction takes an interesting twist. The event will be an interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at The Witness Room in Los Angeles. The evening will include:
    Live interactive show
    Three course dinner
    Silent Auction
    Jazz music
    and a raffle drawing for a $1000 Best Buy Gift Card.

    Fur Ball and Silent Auction
    Saturday, November 3, 2006
    6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    The Witness Room
    10351 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Tickets are $100 each and $180 a pair.
    Order via email
    Order by mail

    You are not going to want to miss the opportunity to win the Grand Prize for the raffle: A $1000 Best Buy Gift Card

    You can buy and/or sell as many raffle tickets as you like. Download Raffle Tickets

    We are collecting items for the silent auction. If you can donate anything from gift certificates to products our dogs will be grateful Download Auction Donation Form.

    For more information or to order event or raffle tickets by phone or email: contact Lillian – 661-297-1215 Or email

    Ask Sarah
    ask sarah

    Dear Sarah,
    I rescued a white boxer thought Boxer Rescue Canada. He is such a member of our family, we feel blessed that he found us. Like the white boxer featured in your website, Monty too is deaf. Although this is not a problem for him in the human world, it is in his dog world. We have encountered several dogs that seem friendly enough and then out right attack him. Monty is a very submissive neutered male and loves other dogs.
    These attacks happens both on- leash and off, but always with altered male dogs. I don't want to separate him from his canine companions, but I also don't want him hurt. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.
    Valerie & Monty.

    Dear Valerie,
    There are many early warning signs to watch for before a dog attacks. These might help protect Monty.

    First, when dogs communicate, they do so with their ears, tail and body at the same time. That means if you have a dog with cropped ears and a docked tail, 2/3 of your dogs ability to communicate is gone. This makes make dogs like boxers, dobermans, danes, min pins and other "docked" breed more susceptible to dog attacks. I don't know if Monty has a tail and floppy ears, but if not I would keep my eyes out for this.

    Second, because deaf dogs can't hear, they tend to stare at other dogs for an "uncomfortable" amount of time. In the dog world, eye contact is a challenge. If Monty is staring at the other dogs, they're going to attack him because he isn't socializing in an appropriate manner. Teach Monty a hand signal for "look away" or "look at me" or use a squirt bottle to break his stares and concentration.

    Finally, there are some "warning" behaviors before a dog attacks: mounting (humping), staring, putting their head/neck over the head, neck or body of the other dog, positioning themselves in front of the other dog to impede their movement, constant and incessant licking of the other dogs face or muzzle. All of these behaviors should be stopped IMMEDIATELY - using a squirt bottle filled with water is usually the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this.

    I hope this helps!


    Lucky Dogs!
    lucky dog

    72 BRLA Boxers found homes in August 2006. You Lucky Dogs!

    Allie, Anabelle, Apache, Apolla, Archie, Beau, Berlin, BigBoy, Blaze, Bruce, Bruce Willis, Buster, Cal, Candy, Candy Cane, Coppertone, Cotton, Daisy, Dakota, Derrick, Dominic, Flash, Frankie, Gaston, Ginger, Hawk, Jack Flash, Jay-Z, Jeter, Joey, Kayla, KO, Kona, LadyBug, LadyBird, Layla, Lele, LuluBell, Luna, Mabel, Marko, Markey, Max, Maximus, Monty, Moonshadow, Ole Blue Eyes, Precious, Puppy, Rocky, Rookie, Rose, Roxy, Salisbury, Scrappy, Shadow, Shaka,Sox,Sparrow, Spike, Stix, Sunshine, Tami, Tank, Thunder, Tippy, Wilma, Xena, Ziggy, Zoe, Zoe II.

    Monthly Miracle Makers

    We take the time to recognize the individuals who are monthly donors to BRLA. Thes Monthly Mirale Makers are cirtical to the continued operation of BRLA. Join the Miracle Makers today.

    Our newest Miracle:
    Michele Edelman

    Joining our existing Miracles:
    Judy Mortens
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    BRLA Loves You!

    A Star is Born!

    Is your dog a calendar dog? Are they ready for their 15 minutes of fame?
    We are developing the first annual BRLA Rescue Calendar for 2007.This full color masterpiece will be filled with dogs that have been adopted from Boxer Rescue LA. The calendar will be on sale this November and the proceeds will support BRLA

    You can submit photos of your beloved pet(s) that are with you or have crossed the bridge. As long as they came from BRLA, they are eligible to be in the 2007 calendar.

    You can email photos or send hard copies (not returnable) . Emails should be a high resolution and print copies should be no smaller than 5x7. It’s simple, the better the quality of your photo, the better chances of seeing your boxer in the calendar.

    Include your pet’s name, a sentence or two about their rescue or current life and your contact information.

    Email photos to newsletter@boxer-rescue-

    Mail photos to:
    Production Line Design/Calendar
    2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 792
    Venice CA 90291.
    Photos must be received by Oct. 13.
    Enter Today!

    Upcoming Events

    Pet Appreciation Day
    Saturday Sept. 30
    11am - 4pm
    Polliwog Park - Manhattan Beach
    Manhattan Beach Blvd. E of Sepulveda
    Free Admission

    Bow Wow Ween
    Sunday October 29
    Barrington Dog Park
    Brentwood CA
    Celebrities, costume contest, hundreds of vendors and rescues.
    Free Admission

    3rd Annual BRLA FurBall and Silent Auction
    Saturday Nov. 4
    6:30 to 9:30
    The Witness Room
    10351 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, 90025

    $100 each
    $180 per couple.
    See featured article for complete details.
    Questions? email Lillian.

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