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October 2006

Greetings Boxer Lovers!

This is a huge edtion filled with so much information and many special offers. Of course we offer expert training advice with K9-Joe and Ask Sarah. You will also learn how to minimize the risk of Cancer in your pet and how a senior was brought from the brink of death into new vitality.

We have two great promotions where product sales will result in donations to BRLA; Christine Head has a signed limited edition boxer posters and Bark Bark Bakery offers a week of profits to BRLA.

Don't forget the BRLA FurBall is coming up Nov. 4.

Inside The Boxer Beat
  • Boarding at BRLA
  • The C Word
  • Treat No Trick!
  • Sucess Story - Jed Clampett
  • Pick of The Litter
  • Ask Sarah
  • Lucky Dogs!
  • K9-Joe - Why Dogs Bark

  • The C Word

    Cancer. Just as in humans, cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in dogs. Although it’s hard to fight genetics and some breeds are more predisposed to cancer than others, you can take a proactive stance against cancer in your dog. There are things that you can do to reduce the risk.

    Spay and neuter your dog.
    Unaltered dogs have a much higher risk of developing cancer. If your male is not neutered he is more likely to develop testicular and prostate cancer. Intact females are prone to breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. Spaying and neutering your dog helps eliminate these risks. And, it is the responsible thing to do. If your dog came from BRLA we made sure they were sterilized before being placed.

    Feed high quality food.
    Cancer in both humans and K-9s thrives on a poor diet. You want to feed your dog the absolutely best food you can afford. Many people believe that a raw diet, which does not include any additives or processed ingredidents is the most natural and the most nutritious for dogs. Others fear the raw aspect, and cook human grade meats and vegetables for their dogs. Both are excellent options but might not be right for everyone because of cost and/or time involved.

    There are many dog kibbles on the market that provide excellent nutrition. Look for a product that is high in protein and low in fillers (grains) and preservatives. Always buy your kibble from a pet store (not a grocery store) where the staff can assist you in finding the best brand for your dog. The few extra dollars you spend on each bag of quality food is ultimately less expensive than cancer treatments down the road. Feed your dog the best food you can afford.

    Do home exams.
    It is important to notice any changes in your dog. Do a home exam once a month by running your hands all over your dog’s body. Check for swelling, sensitive area and any lumps or bumps. Your dog will enjoy this exam. To them, it’s simply extra attention!

    Live Clean.
    Avoid exposing your dog to lawns treated with pesticides and fertilizers. Minimize contact with toxins such as tobacco smoke, friable asbestos and toxic flea and tick dips.

    Treatment options.
    Even with the best of care, cancer may enter your dog’s life. Medical procedures have come a long way and cancer can be dealt with successfully in a number of ways. Here are some common options.

    • Surgery
    • Radiation
    • Chemotherapy
    • Alternative Holistic Treatments

    If you find you are dealing with cancer, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian and an oncologist (cancer specialist). If you need help, here’s a good place to start. oncologist referal

    The nutrition of your dog becomes even more critical when he or she is under cancer treatment. Your dog’s immune system will make the difference in their strength to battle cancer and to sustain treatment. It is now vital to select the cleanest, most nutritious foods with the lowest carbohydrate, highest protein & fat content that includes high Omega 3. Raw or home cooked food with meat and vegetables is excellent to insure the nutrition required. If commercial dog food is your only option, try Hills/Science Diet N-D.

    Dogs are a wonderful part of our lives. Treat your dog to the best life possible, face any challenges together and know that you have options. We wish you and your dog a long and healthy life!

    Treat No Trick!

    For one week only, Bark Bark Bakery is offering a sweet deal to BRLA supporters. 50% of every sale from October 16 - 22 will be donated to Boxer Rescue LA.

    Thats right! You can order high quality, gourmet dog treats created with fresh, all-natural and organic ingredients from the Bark Bark Bakery website and they will donate 50% of the proceeds to BRLA. They also offer toys, clothes and special gifts.

    All you have to do is write BOXER RESCUE LA in the comments box when you place your order. It's that simple. Your dog gets delicious treats and our dogs get a few bucks to help them survive. It's a win win!

    This is a limited time offer for this week only October 16 - 23.
    A special thank you to Crystal of Bark Bark Bakery for this special promotion.

    Sucess Story - Jed Clampett

    By Susan Fulcher

    I went to BRLA to help a customer adopt a boxer. There I met Jed, a skeleton of a dog, whose skin was scabby and he was not breathing well. The general consensus was that he only had a week or so to live. My business partner started crying and wanted to take him with us. Our intention was to take this poor old guy home so he could die in a comfortable home with love and dignity.

    We wanted to build up his strength prior to any vet treatment so we stopped the antibiotic, since they not only kill bad bacteria but also kill the good bacteria. Our homeopath vet started him on remedies including a herbal tincture of Olive leaf along with immune boosting supplements. I also provided Bach Flower remedies to help him transition as he seemed to have given up on life. Bach Flower essence works on emotions which are a big part of good health.

    Since he was so congested he could not smell so instead of raw I cooked for him. He ate very little but was eating. He was very weak and would sometimes just fall over. After a week he was still alive so we made an appointment to see the vet.

    My vet thought I was crazy bringing a dog like this home. We did blood work and x rays and Jed had pneumonia but his congestion was starting to break up. He also had a very bad case of bone spurs on his spine, paralysis on his left side of his face which could indicate a tumor and he was highly anemic. Jed’s scabby skin was a sign of Lyme disease so the vet did a test which came back negative. The scabs were from his body trying to detoxify.

    By the 3rd week Jed was eating his raw diet. When an animal is as sick as Jed the body goes through detox which can take weeks. Jed pulled through and with good nutrition and a lot of love he is a new dog. He was literally plucked from deaths door in the nick of time.

    Today he is at his ideal weight, loves to eat his raw meat, veggies and fruit. The paralysis on his face has improved. I thought I was taking a quiet, slow moving 10 yr. old boxer from BRLA. After 3 months I now share my home with a bouncy, playful, active boxer who acts like he is 2 yrs old. Jed is a real gem. He is always laying near me, ready for a walk, loves balls and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Everyone is his friend. He knows he is special.

    It saddens me that someone could leave such a wonderful guy like Jed at a shelter that would have certainly euthanized him. Thank you Boxer Rescue LA for rescuing such a sweet deserving old boxer who now lives a happy life filled with love, joy and comfort. He has a loving home for as long as he lives!

    *Note: Susan and her partners run a holistic natural pet supply store A-Pawfect World – 23916 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance CA. 90590 310-326-

    Pick of The Litter

    Boxer Rescue is grateful to have devoted volunteers who selflessly donate their time, money and heart to help boxers in need. With our new feature, Pick of the Litter we want you to get a glimpse at some of the people behind the dogs

    Shelly is the first point of contact for many BRLA boxers. She transports boxers to our facility from the high-kill shelters of Kern County and Bakersfield. Every week she drives hundreds of miles pulling dogs off of death row and bringing them to the safety of BRLA. Shelly spends time getting to know the dogs she transports and provides us with critical information on their medical condition and temperament. Sometimes when Shelly has numerous dogs to transport her husband Len offers to help by driving them down in his truck.

    Shelly and Len have two boxers of their own and are permanently fostering Stan, a senior from BRLA who just needed a place to be. What a lucky dog Stan is as his life outside the kennel is now rich and full. He got his second chance! When Shelly is not transporting boxers, she works full time and she and Len enjoy motorcycle rides.

    Shelly, we salute your dedication! You are a valued member of the BRLA team. Every volunteer is a link in the chain of life for a rescued boxer.

    Please consider becoming a BRLA Volunteer today, we'd love to have you on our team!

    Ask Sarah
    ask sarah

    Dear Sarah,
    What can I do to keep my dog from stealing food and objects off of our counter tops?

    Ponte Vedra FL.

    Dear Susan,
    Some dogs like to steal food, treats and other objects off kitchen counters. This behavior is jokingly called “counter surfing,” but there is nothing funny about it. Counter surfing can lead to more serious problems like ingesting a foreign object, poisoning and even obesity. No matter the consequences, counter surfing is very common and relatively easy to fix (without someone being home all day). There are a couple different things you can try:

    Most effective ways:

    1) Electronic Zone Barriers: Simply place the transmitter on the counter top and adjust the range to cover the entire counter or kitchen. Place the collar on your dog, and he'll get a gentle reminder that the space is off-limits. Works instantly; no training required. Order Zone Barriers

    2) Crating: Crating is the single most effective way to prevent your dog from getting into things and causing damage when you’re not home. The link will fully explain the theories behind it and why and how it works when taught properly. Crate Training

    Most Cost Effective ways:

    1) Carpet Runner: Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some carpet runner – this is a plastic sheet that you lay over carpeting to help protect from stains and wear. One side of the plastic is smooth; the other side has little raised bumps. Take the carpet runner and lay it UPSIDE DOWN on the counter-tops – that means with the plastic nubs facing UP. When your dog goes to jump on the counter, the nubs are uncomfortable and encourage him to jump back down

    2) Shake cans: Line plastic water bottles filled with pennies along the edge of the counter. As the dog jumps up, he will knock the water bottles over, making a loud noise as they hit the floor and frightening him away from the counter top.

    3) Water Trap: Line Dixie cups or plastic kiddie cups along the edge of the counter about 1/3 full or a mixture between water and vinegar. As the dog jumps up, he will knock the cups over, spilling the water and frightening him away from the counter top.

    Hopefully these suggestions will help keep your dog in your home, safe and healthy.
    Sarah Anderson

    Lucky Dogs!
    lucky dog

    62 BRLA Boxers found homes in September 2006. You Lucky Dogs!

    Aspen, Bambi, Beauty, Bo, Bonapart, Buddy, Buddy Boy, Butler, Captain Jack, Charlotte, Chigling, Cleo, Clevland, Coby, Darvin, Delano, Dillon, Disco, Ella, Emerson, Emma, Ferris Bueller, FrankieB, Garfunkel, Gracie, Haillie, Hal, Halo, Harley, Hoss, Jack, Jackie Joyner, Kandy, Kelly, Kilo, Leland, Lily, Lulu, Magnolia, Martini, Maxy, Misha, Mr Marshmello, Nike, Obie, Olive Oil, Ran, RJ, Rocko, Romeo, Sarah, Scarlet, Simon, Smokie, Tatoo, Thibodeaux, Tigrr, Toby, Toluce, Unique, Wahini, Zack,

    K9-Joe - Why Dogs Bark

    Pat Miller instructs not to yell “QUIET!” You may actually teach your dog that it means “Bark your head off”. Some dogs even assume the yelling owner is joining in the barking.

    It is important to understand your dog’s breed, imagine hound dogs that are used for hunting ,search and rescue dogs used for emergency catastrophes or guard dogs used for protection that didn’t bark? This is what they were bred to do.

    Dogs are social animals and bark for many reasons. The most common reasons why dogs bark:

    1. Communication
    2. Loneliness
    3. Protection

    If your dog is confined to the back yard for long periods of time, most likely he will bark.

    Dogs also bark because they are anxious, bored, afraid, frustrated, over-stimulated or simply because they think they are doing their job. If your dog is suffering from any of these situations, your dog will bark!

    Dogs bark because they learn that barking gets them what they want. Barking is a way of communication and often is used to get attention. For your dog, positive or negative is better than no attention at all.

    Punishing vs teaching. Punishing your dog for barking is like punishing a human for talking. Teach your dog when to bark and better yet when not to bark using positive reinforcement.

    Barking often becomes self rewarding; for instance many people think dogs by nature hate the mail man, the UPS delivery guy or simply men in uniform. The mail man comes carrying a bag, looks intimidating, crosses the boundary, makes weird noises and drops some stuff in the mail box. The dog growls or barks and chases the intruder away. Good Job! Next day that same looking intruder comes back and goes thru the same routine. He does not get it! Dog growls and barks again, this time more aggressively and it works, Good Dog! It keeps escalating until the dog learns to hate the uniformed man.

    Dogs are pack animals and want interaction with their human pack, keep your dogs active, exercised, and socialized to reduce unwanted behaviors.

    Red Dog Ale by Christine Head
    2005 "Red Boxer Ale" Vintage style art poster for boxer rescue by Christine Head Reads: Red Boxer Ale Fawn over the Flavor Support Boxer Rescue This fine art poster is Limited to 500 24x36, with white border, fits in a standard frame Each hand signed, dated, and numbered Ships rolled

    Proceeds benefit BRLA!

    Our Price: $95.00 USD
    ID/SKU: Red Dog
    S & H: 5.00

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    Pass The Salt by Christine Head
    2004 "PASSEZ LE SEL" Vintage style art poster for boxer rescue by Christine Head Translation: "Pass the Salt!" 2004 Boxer Bash Boxer Rescue Limited to 500 24x36, with white border, fits in a standard frame Each hand signed, dated, and numbered Ships rolled.
    Proceeds benefit BRLA!
    Our Price: $95.00 USD
    ID/SKU: Pass The Salt
    S & H: $5.00

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    Boarding at BRLA

    The busy holiday season is approaching and families are making travel plans to be with loved ones. Unfortunately your dog cannot always travel with you. Rest assured that when you can't take them with you, you have a cost effective, experienced boarding facility available. Boxer Rescue LA provides boarding for your dog year round.

    With years of Boxer experience, BRLA provides a clean, safe place for your dog to stay. Our staff specailzes in special needs.
    Make your reservations now!

    BRLA Boarding Details

    Ask a question about boarding

    Upcoming Events

    Bow Wow Ween

    Sunday October 29
    Barrington Dog Park
    Brentwood CA
    Celebrities, costume contest, hundreds of vendors and rescues.
    Free Admission


    3rd Annual BRLA FurBall and Silent Auction
    Saturday Nov. 4
    6:30 to 9:30
    The Witness Room
    10351 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, 90025

    $100 each
    $180 per couple


    With great appreciation we recognize these individuals who are BRLA monthly donors. Every month their donation arrives at BRLA to support our boxers in waiting. Thank you!

    New Monthly Miracle Makers

    Aram and Kourosh Kaveh
    Christi Olsen
    Claudia Toledo
    CM Quickle
    Connie Vohden
    Diana King
    Erika Alegar
    Exxon Maldonado
    Greg Gibson
    James A. Bryan
    Janes & Filana Ragan
    Kimberly Bauer
    Lori Koch
    Maria Calon & Jeffery Klein
    Mary Shea
    Mindy Carrington
    Norma Stang
    Paige Cunningham
    Phil Armstrong
    Ronald & Kathy Carlson
    Sally Cormier
    Taylor N. Wright
    Tiffany Cohen
    Tom & Alyse Plotkin
    Virginia Burton
    Wolfgang DeGirogia

    Joining our Monthly Miracle Makers:

    Becky Howery
    Dean Marolla
    Geannie Acheson
    George & Sharry Taylorson
    Gergory Morris
    Gillian Bonner Caine
    Jane & Jim Clinkenbeard
    Jeff Hill
    Judy Mortens
    Juliet Curtis
    Kai Lauritzen
    Lillian Sedlak
    Lyda Corey
    Michele Edelman
    Michelle Donaghy
    Michelle Janczewski
    Petra Jones
    Robert Rien
    Sandra Treherne
    Shana Kaplan
    Sherry & Mike Grant



    Keep your Pets Safe this Holiday

    • Keep trick or treat candy away from you pets
    • Do not leave you pet outside for tricksters to harm
    • Do not leave your pet in a costume unattended


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