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Boxer Rescue LA Newsletter a The Boxer Beat
April-May 2007
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Greetings Boxer Lovers!

Inside The Boxer Beat
  • One Step Closer to Mandatory Spay/Neuter
  • Woof & Wine - Order Tickets Now
  • Success Story - Mel
  • Pick of The Litter
  • Lucky Dogs

  • Woof & Wine - Order Tickets Now
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    Drink new wines, sample tasty food, hear groovy tunes & help save Boxers.

    If you're going to be in LA on Friday June 8, you don't want to miss this! Boxer Rescue LA is putting the FUN back in Fundraising. We're teaming up with Let's Talk About Wine, the cool fun way to learn about wine, to host the 1st annual Woof & Wine, a wine tasting & auction to benefit Boxer Rescue LA.

    For you celebrity watchers, come and meet our celebrity host and auctioneer Ashley Williams, who started out on Days of Our Lives, starred in NBC's Good Morning Miami and featured on How I Met Your Mother, Huff, E-Ring, Psych, Monk, American Dreams and Law & Order SVU. Ashley has a rescue dog named Phillip and she's thrilled to be helping BRLA.

    For you wine lovers, there will be some exciting names in wine, like Justin, Trefethen, J Lohr, Matura Valley and more, that have graciously agreed to share their vintages with you.

    We will have some delectable eats, including offerings from Eaturna, the hottest trend in fresh fare. The groovy tunes will be provided by Goromulo aka DJ Astro.

    The auction will feature local artists and has tons of original art. There will be autographed sports and rock memorabilia, jewelry, dinners, services, pet products, and much, much more.

    Even if you are not a wine drinker, you're sure to have fun. And the first 200 people to arrive will take home Woof & Wine goody bags filled with great stuff.

    All this for just $50 per person for advance tickets ($65 at the door). 100% of the proceeds from Woof & Wine will go directly to Boxer Rescue LA. Order Tickets Now

    Woof & Wine
    When: Friday June 8, 7PM
    Where: Poolside at the very cool Radisson LAX.

    Success Story - Mel
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    The adoption story of Mel covers a year in time, two continents and a very determined young woman.

    By Margaret Schmidt- Brueninghaus

    I first got involved with BRLA while living in England where I was hooked on the BRLA website. I donated money to help with several medical cases. In March of 2006 I came to Los Angeles for a holiday and ended up spending all my time at Boxer Rescue working with the dogs. It was then that I fell in love with Mel.

    Mel was considered a difficult case, since he didn't get along with people, children, other dogs or cats. I didn't know all that and really liked him, right from the beginning. Before my holiday was over Mel and I took a day trip to the beach. He was friendly to everybody and got a lot of attention. The highlight was when he chased a whole flock of pigeon across the sand, with me in tow, much to the delight of the hippies on Venice Beach.

    I wanted to adopt him, but my circumstances in England didn't allow it. Then I got my Visa to Canada. I decided to go, got a job, bought a house, and contacted Ursula to hold Mel for me. I arrived in September 2006 and had no now prepare my home for Mel. My dream was close to coming true.

    Mel boarded his international flight from LA to Toronto and I picked him up at Air Canada Cargo on March 31, 2007. We have been together ever since. Mel, now known as Milton is the best dog you can imagine. When he arrived at the airport I expected an aggressive scared dog that gave the cargo handlers a lot of trouble. I was pleasantly surprised when the animal handler at cargo told me that Mel just gave him a kiss. Mel got petted by all the cargo guys around as it took a while until we were finally on our way home

    Now it has been almost a month since he joined me to co-habit in my new house. Everybody in the neighborhood knows him. He wants to get attention and to be petted by everybody. He loves children and families in general. He is not perfect though as he doesn't miss a single opportunity to chase cats, squirrels and birds

    We are establishing our rituals. He wants to be walked at least twice a day. Doing his business in the garden is not enough, since he sees nothing of the neighborhood there. In the evening, when I watch TV he wants to sit next to me or sit on my lap or at least leaning against me. When he is sure that all my bedtime preparations are finished and the lights are out, he comes up from the living room and sleeps in his own bed next to mine.

    Fact is, he needs a lot of love, is very people friendly and already an essential part of my life. It took so long to get Milton home; it is going to take a little longer for him to feel completely at ease. He still fells he is going to be abandoned. Even closing the patio door scared him, fearing I would forget about him out there, he jumped through a small window to get back in. With his short legs, this leap was no small feat. Every day his trust grows and he minds me really well.

    It took a year from when I first met him to making all the changes necessary in my life to bring Milton home. He has completely changed my life. We are anxious to see where the journey will take us now that we are finally together.

    Pick of The Litter
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    By Candi Mitchell,
    BRLA Volunteer Coordinator

    We are delighted to introduce you to Laurie De Luca.

    This wonderful woman drives from Northern California in route to visiting her relatives in L.A. to donate her time to the rescue. She comes armed with cleaning supplies galore. She spends her anywhere from six to eight hours on the day she comes sanitizing crates. She is both enthusiastic and efficient in her approach, using a tag team of volunteers to help her get the job done.

    is on these days that the Boxer orphans get an extra long walk, as she busies herself with making their temporary homes sparkle. She has so much love and respect for the Boxer breed she has become an inspiration to us all.

    Laurie is originally from the Torrance area where she grew up and lived until 16 years ago when she moved to Northern California. She could not find a job right away so she took a Veterinary Assistant class at the local Vocational school. When her job got very stressful, she began to volunteer at the local Vet Clinic on her days off and has done so for the last 3 1/2 years. She is also a member of the CVMA, which is an organization that does for animals what the Red Cross does for people in a disaster situation.

    She and her husband are the proud parents of three Boxers and a Boston terrier. While watching an episode of the Dog Whisperer she saw a segment on BRLA and knew she had to visit the next time she was in the L.A. area. She visited the website and sent an inquiry on how to volunteer. She received the information she needed and on her next visit to L.A. came to the rescue for a day while the rest of her family went golfing. She is convinced that she had much more fun than they did! Now she is hooked!

    I asked Laurie why she is so dedicated to our cause and her reply was:
    "Boxers are my passion. They are an incredible breed of dog and their enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious. There is nothing better for the soul than a "boxer hug", a wag of a stubby tail or the wiggle of a boxer butt and a big old sloppy kiss. All of the boxers at Boxer Rescue deserve a good home with lots of love and attention that they need and crave. As often as I can go visit in Southern California, I will continue to drop by for a volunteer day at Boxer Rescue. It is an incredible organization with many dedicated people who love this special breed as much as I do."

    We could not agree with Laurie more and we feel very fortunate to have her on our team! We anxiously await her next visit, where she will wow us once again with her passion for the breed and her efforts at BRLA!

    Lucky Dogs
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    lucky dog

    March 2006 BRLA succesfully placed 43 Boxers who are now enjoying their second chance at life. You Lucky Dogs!

    Beau, Boy Dawg, Chica, Cleo, Coach, Daisy, Daphne, Dapple Dan, Dixon, Frankie, Harriet, Karmel, Kit, Little Ricky, Lucky, Luke, Maggie May, Mavis, Miller, Miss Kiddy, Missy, Mitzie/Matty, Ms Peabody, Mystery/Abbie, Nash/Presley, Pete, Regetty, Riley, River, Romie, Scrappy, Sidney/xena, Snowball, Tiger, Tinkerbell, Titan, Veronica/Annie, Violet, Walter, Zeke, Zorro,

    One Step Closer to Mandatory Spay/Neuter

    5 minutes can save thousands of lives!

    The passing of The Healthy Pet Act AB 1634 is critical in reducing the number of unwanted pets that are sadly destroyed each year. AB 1634 will require pet owner to spay & neuter their animals preventing rampant pet overpopulation.

    This Bill does not negatively affect breeders, show dogs, service dogs, law enforcement dogs, elderly or sick dogs, and others. No responsible breeder or group will be hurt as they are exempt from AB 1634.

    California currently spend $250 million taxpayer dollars yearly on sheltering and ultimately euthanizing hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets.

    Wednesday, May 16 the Appropriations Committee in Sacramento will vote on AB 1634. We need your support. It is critical to fax AB 1634 support letters to Sacramento. If you care about your pet, take a moment to print and fax the letter below. We have made it easy. Please do it today. Lives are at stake.

    Print and Fax AB 1634 Support Letter

    Boxer Rescue LA

    The event season is upon us. Come out and meet the BRLA volunteers and some of our available dogs at one of these upcoming events.

    Best Friends Adoption Festival
    Sunday June 3
    11am - 4pm
    Westchester Park

    Walk for the Underdog
    Sunday, June 10
    10am - 5pm
    La Brea Tar Pits

    Woof & Wine
    Wine tasting & Auction Fundraiser

    Friday June 8 - 7pm
    Radisson LAX


    Let's Blog

    Ralph's is requiring that all Community Contributors register their club cards AGAIN. If you do not sign up directly with Ralph's, BRLA does not receive proceeds. They will require participants to register each year. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you are not aware of this program, it's fantastic as it allows you to donate funds to BRLA without spending a dime. When you shop at Ralph's and use your club card, Ralph's donates a percentage of your purchases to BRLA. Everyone needs to grocery shop and you might as well shop at Ralphs so your purchases not only feed your family but it helps feed BRLA boxers.

    So please sign up or sign up AGAIN. It's easy:

    1. Log on to RALPHS.COM

    2. Click on "Community Contribution"

    3. Click on "Participant" - BRLA NPO - 80701

    4. Follow the easy steps to enroll! - Be sure to complete all the information

    5. Sit back and watch your grocery shopping earn money for BRLA



    With great appreciation we recognize these individuals who are BRLA monthly donors. Every month their reocurring donation arrives at BRLA to support our boxers in waiting. Thank you!

    Robyn Davis
    Tracy Goodman
    Sonia Johnson
    Christine Olson
    Christine Schaeffer
    Lara Clinton
    Lauren Carr
    Linda Kirkham
    Aram and Kourosh Kaveh
    Christi Olsen
    Claudia Toledo
    CM Quickle
    Connie Vohden
    Diana King
    Erika Alegar
    Exxon Maldonado
    Glenn Tannous
    Greg Gibson
    James A. Bryan
    Janes & Filana Ragan
    Kimberly Bauer
    Lori Koch
    Maria Calon & Jeffery Klein
    Mary Shea
    Mindy Carrington
    Norma Stang
    Paige Cunningham
    Phil Armstrong
    Ronald & Kathy Carlson
    Sally Cormier
    Taylor N. Wright
    Tiffany Cohen
    Tom & Alyse Plotkin
    Virginia Burton
    Wolfgang DeGirogia
    Becky Howery
    Dean Marolla
    Geannie Acheson
    George & Sharry Taylorson
    Gergory Morris
    Gillian Bonner Caine
    Jane & Jim Clinkenbeard
    Jeff Hill
    Judy Mortens
    Juliet Curtis
    Kai Lauritzen
    Lillian Sedlak
    Lyda Corey
    Michele Edelman
    Michelle Donaghy
    Michelle Janczewski
    Petra Jones
    Robert Rien
    Sandra Treherne
    Shana Kaplan
    Sherry & Mike Grant




    Boxer Rescue LA


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