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May 2006


We want to welcome all of our new subscribers we met at the Orange Country America’s Family Pet Expo. We talked to hundreds of boxer lovers, found homes for a few of our boxers and had a blast.

May was National Volunteer Month and Boxer Rescue is grateful to every volunteer involved with BRLA. We could not function without your help. In recognition of Volunteer Month we are featuring a few of our volunteer events and personal stories. Our success story features two dogs which is the perfect lead in to the winning entries of our 2 Dog Contest.. All this plus our regular features: Ask Sarah and K9-Joe are offered for your reading enjoyment.

Inside The Boxer Beat
  • Medical Overload
  • Big Sunday 2006
  • Destination BRLA
  • 2 Dog Contest Winners
  • Success Story - Blackie & Zoey
  • K9-Joe - Adding a New Pack Member
  • Ask Sarah
  • Lucky Dogs
  • Vet Student Volunteers
  • Monthly Miracle Makers

  • Big Sunday 2006
    big sunday logo

    May 7, 2006 was Big Sunday, a city wide event where huge groups of volunteers helped hundreds of organizations throughout Los Angeles. BIG SUNDAY started in 1999 as Temple Israel of Hollywoods Mitzvah Day. By last year, BIG SUNDAY had evolved into an annual, city-wide volunteer day involving more than 8000 volunteers from more than 100 different synagogues, churches, schools, offices and clubs at nearly 150 different non-profits!

    Boxer Rescue LA was lucky enough to be on the list again this year to have the Big Sunday volunteers come and help at our facility. It was a beautiful day at our kennel as the masses converged to help out our boxers. A large group of about 25 Big Sunday volunteers arrived with brand new collars and leashes. Our crew laid out a walking route with plenty of water stops along the way.

    The Big Sunday volunteers, young and old alike, walked all of our resident boxers. This is no small fete as we house over 100 dogs. Everyone got an extra long walk and lots of cuddle time along the road. It was a warm day so many dogs also got much needed baths from the Big Sunday crew.

    On any normal weekend we have from 2 to 6 BRLA volunteers walking dogs. This Sunday it was like a parade; a never ending parade of excited boxers and compassionate volunteers filling the streets. At the end of the day both boxers and volunteers were exhausted and elated.

    Thank you to the Big Sunday organization for including Boxer Rescue LA in this exceptional day of volunteering. It was a huge success. Everyone involved was so energetic and worked so well with our boxers. We hope this example of mass effort will inspire individuals with a free day one weekend to come and share some time with our boxers in waiting. The effort of just one person willing to help makes a huge difference.

    The Big Sunday organizers state We are proud that on Big Sunday we can accomplish so much. We are equally proud that this day has served as a catalyst for many individuals and groups to work with - and help - wonderful organizations throughout the year . Our boxers will be expecting you!

    Destination BRLA
    marg mel

    My Volunteer Vacation at BRLA
    I was familiar with BRLA from their wonderful website. I live in Germany and I am a regular visitor to the site. I was often so moved by stories that I would donate money to sponsor medical dogs.

    In March 2006, I decided to go to Los Angeles for a holiday and make a visit to BRLA as part of my itinerary. The first three days I played tourist, and on my fourth day I made it out to Boxer Rescue. I was immediately hooked and walking the dogs became a daily habit. I usually arrived early in the morning and walked dogs well into the afternoon. To me this was much more rewarding than any museum visit or amusement park ride

    Saturdays are very busy with adoptions appointments and it is very hectic and exciting. That afternoon Ursula Sauthier, who I got to know via email, showed up with a huge chocolate cake that said “BRLA loves Margret”. I felt very honoured. I cut the cake and every volunteer got a piece. On Sunday, I was back again for another day filled with boxer adventures.

    Contrary to my original plans, I started driving to BRLA every day to walk dogs and help with kennel work. I cancelled all my tourist plans, since I enjoyed the dog walking more and I wanted to do it as often as possible. I befriended many of the boxers that reside at BRLA. My favourites were Stan, R.J., Mel, Fancy, Maggie, and Princess Daisy. I even had to opportunity to take Mel on a special field trip. He and I spent the day at Venice beach. He walked for hours, got sand in his toes and was a perfect gentleman. We both played tourist that day and I got a lot of complements on my beautiful boy for the day. I was sad when I had to return him to the kennel that evening.

    On the final day of my trip I did my travel preparations and decided to spend my last hours at the rescue. With a heavy heart I bid farewell to all the dogs (again) and stayed so long that in the end I was afraid that I would miss my flight. My “volunteer vacation” at Boxer Rescue LA was one of the most rewarding holidays that I ever had. I enjoyed every second of it and would recommend volunteering to anyone who loves Boxers

    Margret Schmidt- Brueninghaus

    2 Dog Contest Winners
    2 dogs

    Last edition, we asked for reasons why 2 dogs are better than one. Here are the winning entries. Congratulations!

    Two dogs are always better than one because they keep each other company. They are extremely entertaining to watch as they are the comedians of the dog world. At the present time, I have four BRLA babies in my home and I find that I think younger, act younger and enjoy life to the fullest sharing my home with such wonderful characters. Having been in the breeding, showing and now adopting of these wonderful dog people, I wonder why more people do not reach out and share with these outstanding friends.
    Mary Lou Woosley
    Psomis, CA

    Two Boxers are better than one because when they have a gas attack they look at each other and plainly blame it on the other.
    Jen Vella
    Las Vegas NV

    Firstly, they love a companion. Secondly, it helps them know that they actually are dogs and not another human in the family It's very important for a dog to know this as it helps with training and establishing that the humans are the pack leaders. Lastly, for the humans in the pack, we get great enjoyment from watching the dogs interact whether cuddled up sleeping together or romping around the yard playing with each other. Boxer, of course, are especially fun to watch as they play together as their whole body wiggles and they rise up to box each other.
    Michelle and Gary Gray
    Clovis, CA

    Double the love, double the devotion, double the pleasure.
    Owner of pictured pair of boxers.

    Success Story - Blackie & Zoey

    Here is the perfect example of why 2 dogs are better than one:

    This mother and son duo was found abandoned and tied to a tree. They were sent to a high kill shelter but BRLA saved them just in time. We called the mother Zoey and the son Blackie, they were little black boxer mixes. They were so bonded to each other we felt they should stay together and be adopted as a pair.

    Blackie had inverted eyelashes and his eyes were swollen shut. He was in a great deal of pain. Boxer Rescue, as always, had a long list of dogs needing medical care. Take Me Home, an animal adoption awareness foundation, stepped in to sponsor Blackies medical procedure. Haze, the founder of Take Me Home, enlisted Dr. Chang, an Ophthalmologist with VCA to treat Blackie. He needed to have his eye lashes frozen to kill the follicles. His recovery was derailed by a sever case of kennel cough, a serious ear infection and major swelling of his eyes. He was comforted thought this difficult time by fosters: Marci Arena and Steffen & Elena Turloff. (who also donated $100 for medical) Blackie was having a very rough time, but his sweet nature carried him through the hardship. He had youth on his side and made a full recovery thanks to Take Me Home and BRLA.

    With Blackie recovered the duo was now looking for the perfect home. The Deering family came to BRLA looking for a family pet. It was their lucky day as Blackie and Zoey charmed them into taking them home. Blackie is now named Axel and Zoey kept her name. They absolutely love the kids and live a life full of activities and lots of love. Their new mom states We get so many compliments when we are out walking them. People just stop and ask us what kind of dogs are they. They always ask if Axel is a boxer. We tell them that we think Axel's daddy was a boxer. As far as Zoey goes, we let them put in their two cents about it. Then we pick whatever sounds good. At the end of it all, they are just our new babies and we love them so much

    Axel and Zoey have just returned from a family road trip to the mountains where they enjoyed fresh mountain air, running through cool rivers and of course being with their family pack. Dogs that vacation with their families are lucky dogs indeed. These two dogs are adored family members and bring twice the joy and twice the fun every single day.

    Take Me Home helps many special Boxer Rescue LA dogs. You can help without spending a dime and very little effort. Select Prodege as your search engine and with every search you make, Prodege will donate funds to Take Me Home. You use PRODEGE like any other search engine - the site is powered by Yahoo. To set up as a favorite or your home page visit: http://takem

    K9-Joe - Adding a New Pack Member

    Dogs are social animals that live in packs but they are also territorial; therefore introduce the dogs in a neutral environment so the existing dog does not take the newcomer as a threat to his territory. Once the dogs are familiar and friendly with each other, take them home and immediately guide the new dog to the potting area and allow him a few minutes to smell the surroundings. If he eliminates praise him and reward him, then proceed to give him a tour of the rest of the house on leash.

    Even if your existing dog seems happy to have a play partner, he may not be too thrilled when it comes to sharing your home -his turf- and your affection with another animal. While some dogs will immediately become friends, others may never get used to the idea. Make the point of supervising the first interactions, if unsure put the dogs back on leash and let them drag them on the ground in case you have to intervene.

    Do not allow immediate excitement, rough playing or wrestling in the house. Excitement often leads to frustration and frustration turns into aggression. Do not give the new dog free run of the house, teach him the ground rules and establish the boundaries. Do not tolerate aggression or fighting; give each dog a separate area for sleeping and eating. Supervise all interactions between the new housemates and do not allow them to get out of control. Under the appropriate guidance your dogs will eventually dictate the pace and will start feeling comfortable with each other.

    Allow the new dog a few days to settle down and gradually become familiar with the new surroundings. Since dogs are pack animals they crave for direction from the pack leader. During the first few weeks, your new dog will be confused and you, the Pack leader, must guide him through the adjustment period.

    Remember, everything is new to him and he needs to learn from you. Since you are not sure if your new dog is housetrained, do not leave him unsupervised, he may go through a couple of accidents before he understands where he will be allowed to eliminate. Put your dog on a regular feeding schedule, this will help your pup to eliminate at consistent times. Don’t yell at him or punish him even if you catch him in the act, you will just scare him off and he’ll only avoid soiling in the house while in your presence. Instead guide him to the designated area and praise him when he eliminates outdoors. A crate and a leash will assist you through the process. If the behavior continues, you may want to consider a visit to the vet’s office; your dog may have a urinary track infection or may be full of worms.

    Having a second dog does not mean that you could become more relaxed and skip some of your basic responsibilities. You still need to provide discipline exercise starting with the morning walks, the obedience training and daily interaction to include playing time. Your dogs will offer you double unconditional love in return.

    Ask Sarah
    ask sarah

    Dear Sarah,
    I have a 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy. I love her to death but she WON'T stop jumping! I have tried everything I can think of - can you please recommend a book or author for me to help us through this? I love my dog and don't want to get rid of her, but I can't have her jumping up on everyone all the time.
    Please help,
    Debbie Ichord

    Hi Debbie,
    Unfortunately, there are no real comprehensive books or authors when it comes to problem solving (like jumping). The reason that books and videos are not effective in training your dog is two-fold. First, many trainers recommend only one method or training or correction. Your dog may not learn that way, so alternate methods are needed. Second, because some trainers/authors prefer a single method over another, if that method doesn't work for your dog, you're out the cost of the book.
    Here are several different things you can do for jumping:

    The #1 thing you need to know about jumping is that your dog is jumping for ATTENTION!!! Any of those suggestions will give him attention. We need to take away all attention to get the jumping to stop. YOUR DOG SHOULD ONLY BE LOOKED AT, TALKED TO OR TOUCHED IS ALL FOUR FEET ARE ON THE GROUND!
    This goes for everyone who comes into contact with your dog - always!!!
    So how do you do this?

    1. If your dog jumps on you - turn your back, cross your arms over your chest and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING or even look at your dog until the jumping stops. When the jumping stops, squat down to your dog's level to give attention

    2. If you have kids that can't stand up to the pounding a 6 month old golden gives when jumping, use a squirt bottle filled with 2 parts water and 1 part white distilled vinegar. When the dog jumps up, say nothing, and squirt him in the face with the water vinegar combo. When he jumps back down and all four feet are on the ground, come to your dog's level, pet and praise.

    3. When people come over to visit, make sure your dog is on a leash. Attach the leash to his COLLAR not a harness. Put your dog in a sit. Right where the leash touches the ground, put your foot on the leash (step on it, knees bent). When your dog attempts to jump, he will only get a few inches off the ground, then the leash will catch him and pull him back down. Because he will not be able to jump, and because he does not see or hear you giving any attention, he will soon settle down into a sit. Once his is sitting and calm, allow the visitors to pet him. If he becomes jumpy again, have them walk away. This goes for people you meet on the street as well.

    The bottom line is that NO ONE can EVER talk to, look at or touch your dog unless four paws are on the ground. If you can do this, your dog will completely stop jumping within 2 weeks.

    Lucky Dogs
    lucky dog

    In May, 66 Lucky Dogs were adopted from Boxer Rescue LA. Good luck you Lucky Dogs!

    Alexia, Bahama Mama, Bella, Blackie, Blossom, Bodey, Boondoggie, Brocky, Bruno, Buddy, Buster, Calloway, Carson,` Cinch, Costello, Debbie, Doc, Ellie, Emma Lee, Fancy, Fayleen, Frasier, Gin, Gina, Greta, Jack, Jake, Jane Doe, JJ, Joey, Kelly, Krystal, Mac, Maggie, Marge, Margo, Max, Milena, Miss Texas, Missy, Mollie, Monte, Nancy, Penelope, Penny , Pinnochio, Queen Latifa, Roxie, Ruby, Ryan, Ryman, Sasha, Shakira, Shy Boy, Simon, Sissy, Sophie, Spirit, Starksy, Tex, Tyson, Valentino, Van, Xena, Zoeix, Zoey,

    Vet Student Volunteers
    vet student

    We love and value all of the volunteers who share their free time with our boxers in waiting. We especially appreciate our skilled and trained Western University College of Veterinary Medicine students who provide critical services. They come and clean ears, trim nails, give vaccinations and give us so much medical support. We love them and salute them.

    Heather Applegate  a senior going into small animal medicine.
    Melissa Thompson - a junior going into small animal medicine.
    Crystal Sousa - a junior interested in equine medicine. Crystal has taken our senior boxer Bear home as a permanent senior foster.
    These three get no school credit for their work at BRLA, they do it for the love of animals.

    Monthly Miracle Makers

    We take the time to recognize the individuals who are monthly donors to BRLA. These Monthly Miracle Makers are critical to the continued operation of BRLA. Join the Miracle Makers today.
    Our Newest Monthly Miracle Makers include:
    Judy Mortens
    Kai Lauritzen
    Lyda Corey
    Michelle Donaghy
    Michelle Janczewski
    Sandra Treherne
    Shana Kaplan
    Jane & Jim Clinkenbeard

    They join our existing Miracle Makers:
    Geannie Acherson
    Gillian Bonner Caine
    Juliet Curtis
    Sherry Grant
    Jeff Hill
    Becky Howery
    Petra Jones
    Dean Marolla
    Gregory Morris
    Robert Rien
    Lillian Sedlak
    George & Sharry Taylorson

    BRLA Loves You!

    Medical Overload
    medical emergancy

    May was a devastating month for medial cases at Boxer Rescue LA. Every month we face dozens of injuries and illnesses but May brought an avalanche of serious medical cases which could not be ignored or delayed. We faced numerous amputations, several severe mange cases, a serious case of distemper, and several terminally ill dogs in treatment. We still have 3 puppies on IV and around the clock critical care. If you could help with a donation of any amount it would help BRLA recover financially while all of our medical boxers recover physically.



    Best Friends Pet Adoption Festival
    Sunday, June 4
    11 am to 4 pm
    Manchester Park
    Westchester California


    Santa Clarita
    Come join the parade. BRLA will have a float filled with boxers and boxer lovers. Everyone is welcome to participate. For complete details email


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