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March 2006


Our second edition of the BRLA E-News Boxer Beat brings you exciting news and informative features. We have added a new monthly series that will provide excellent training information for rescue dogs! We know you will enjoy Rescue Dogs by K9 Joe from our excellent trainer Joe Ramirez who specialized in Boxers. His first installment starts at the very beginning: deciding to adopt.

We thank you for visiting our website and for keeping our boxers in your mind and in your hearts. We are grateful for the donations we receive to allow us to continue providing a safe haven for abandoned boxers looking for new homes. We can only rescue boxers with your continued support. Boxer Rescue LA

Inside the Boxer Beat
  • Buy & Sell on eBay for BRLA
  • VACS - Mobile Lifesavers
  • Lucky Dogs!
  • Mix it Up!
  • Ask Sarah
  • Success Story - Daphne
  • K9 Joe on Rescue Dogs
  • Spot Reduction

  • VACS - Mobile Lifesavers
    vacs van

    Boxer Rescue LA is extremely grateful to be part of Western University’s Veterinary Ambulatory Community Services Program – VACS.
    VACS is dedicated to increasing successful pet-family relationships and reducing homeless animal populations through education and care. This service-learning initiative promotes student learning about medicine, societal issues and community service thought active civic engagement and outreach.
    Serving to Learn & Learning to Serve.

    Western U is one of America's leading Universities of Veterinary medicines, admired for its vision, education, and innovation. Their VACS program is a mobile hospital, housed in a custom RV that is completely outfitted for surgical procedures. VACS schedules visits to BRLA to provide much needed medical care for numerous boxers in need.

    The VACS mobile hospital contains 3 operating tables a prep/anesthesia table, a pop out wall of holding crates and state of the art medical equipment. The most valuable asset of the VACS unit is their leader, Dr. Heather E. Nevill, DVM. Dr. Nevill is assisted by Eva Jaeger RVT and a host of 1st and 2nd year veterinary students when VACS rolls into BRLA.

    On February 16, Walter, Colleen, Sarah, Andrea, Colleen and Eric were the students that assisted Dr. Nevill in treating over a dozen BRLA boxers. They removed tumors, mended bones, spayed and neutered, ran blood panels and performed a variety of procedures. This arrangement is a win-win as our boxers receive excellent affordable medical care and the students get hands on experience. This mobile teaching hospital is a godsend to Boxer Rescue and is instrumental in the ability to provide medical care to so many needy animals.

    BRLA volunteers assist the VACS crew in the recovery process as each procedure is completed. It is a very busy day for boxers, BRLA volunteers and the entire crew from Western University’s VACS program when the mobile hospital comes to the kennel. BRLA is extremely grateful for this partnership and gives thanks to the professional staff and the dedicated students who make such a difference in the lives of needy BRLA boxers. They are truly angels on wheels.

    Lucky Dogs!
    lucky dog

    There were 61 Lucky Dogs from BRLA that found permanent homes in February 2006. You Lucky Dogs!

    Angel, Aurora, Baker, Baker Girl, Bam Bam, Bisquit, Brady, Casper, Chopper, Colonel. Cookie, Cupcake, Daphne, Dexter, Diego, Dorian, Ferguson, Gibson, Glenn, Godiva, Hambone, Hawk, Jacque, Jada, Josephine, Juliette, Karma, Khong, London, Lucy, Maverick, Max, Memphis, Mikey, Morgan, October, Pancake, Patch, Paula, Promise, rudence, Rainy, Robbie, Roscoe, Sadie, Sadie II, Sargent Nick, Scout, Sheba Spike, Stella, Suzie, Tessa, Tiger, Tigger, Trigger, Trixie, Ty, Woodrow and Wriley,

    Mix it Up!

    Boxer Rescue LA liberates Boxer mixes along with purebred Boxers. The mixes are wonderful as they contain the spirit and heart of a boxer and come in such a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Unfortunately mixes can wait longer to be adopted as many people contacting BRLA, want a purebred.

    The BRLA Orange County adoption team pioneered a way to showcase Boxer mixes. They began networking with no-kill shelters in Orange County where people would be more likely to adopt mixed breeds. Many of the Orange County Shelters are also far less impacted, increasing the odds of placing each of the dogs in their custody.

    Through this network, BRLA now has working relationships with three wonderful shelters including the Orange County Humane Society, the San Clemente /Dana Point Shelter, and the Mission Viejo Shelter. These shelters accept Boxer mixes from BRLA and placed them into loving, permanent homes. In exchange BRLA assist these shelters in placing any purebred Boxers they acquire. This partnership is critical in allowing BRLA to continue rescuing Boxer mixes along with purebred Boxers

    Boxer Rescue salutes our Mix Masters: Dana Ranslem, Sarah Ciscel, Lori McLay and Yvonne Kiley who developed this successful program. Dozens of mixes have been placed and many more will find homes thanks to these innovated volunteers and these compassionate shelters. Don't worry we will continue to have mixes available at our facility as well.

    Orange County Humane Society 21632 Newland, Huntington Beach (714) 536-8480

    San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente (949) 492-1617

    Mission Viejo Animal Shelter 28095 Hillcrest, Mission Viejo (949) 470-3045

    Ask Sarah
    ask sarah

    Dear Sarah,
    When should I start training my dog? Nancy

    Dear Nancy:
    7 to 12 Weeks - Known as the Human Socialization Period The puppy now has the brain waves of an adult dog, but his attention span is short. This period is when the most rapid learning occurs. Learning at this age is permanent so this is a perfect time to start training. Also, this is the ideal time to introduce the puppy to things that will play an important part in his life. Introduce the puppy to different people, places, animals, and sounds in a positive, non-threatening way.

    Ask Sarah

    Success Story - Daphne

    BRLA was made aware of a Daphne, 3 month old female boxer brought to General Dog & Cat Hospital by animal control. This puppy had barley survived the unthinkable, someone had submerged her in a toxic substance which burned the inside of her mouth and trachea. She was dehydrated, extremely emaciated, traumatized and was unrecognizable as a Boxer. Since she could not eat via her mouth she was immediately put on IV fluid and remained for weeks.

    Daphne had an incredible will to live and General has an incredible staff. Against all odds, she responded to treatment and survived her brutal beginnings. She was placed in a foster home to continue recovery but suddenly took a turn for the worse. Daphne’s lungs and immune system had been severally compromised and she had now developed a life threatening case of pneumonia. She was rushed to Orange Vet Hospital and put back on IV fluids with round the clock care. After two weeks Daphne was put on more aggressive antibiotics and daily nebulizer treatments. The OC Vets we not giving up even though she was so tiny, so young and had been through so much.

    It was not until the third week of treatment that Daphne begun to respond. She even managed to finally wag her tail. By the fourth week she was off the IV fluids, her lungs had cleared and she was our latest miracle Boxer. A foster home was the best place to keep a close eye on this still fragile pup and we did not have to look any further than one of the OC Vet staff that had stood by this courageous puppy for so many weeks. Tiffany Quackenbush, who was instrumental in saving Daphne’s life, agreed to take her home as a foster.

    The rest is history; Daphne remains with Tiffany and her three other dogs along with a collection of horses, pigs and goats. Tiffany states “She loves playing with the smaller dogs. In fact, I'm not quite sure that she realizes that she is bigger than them. Daphne loves to lie on the couch and watch television with the family (particularly if she is in someone's lap). We are so lucky to have Daphne as part of the family!”

    K9 Joe on Rescue Dogs

    BRLA is lucky enough to have an expert on Boxers available for training and behavior modification. Joe Ramirez will share his knowledge thought the Boxer Beat each month.
    We start at the beginning, before you adopt a rescue dog:

    10 Critical Considerations Before you Rescue.

    1. Choose the breed that best suits your lifestyle and familiarize yourself with that breed. If you are not 100 % sure, volunteer at a rescue of your chosen breed.

    2. Do not take adopting a dog lightly: dogs are not toys, rescue dogs are already waiting for a second chance. Make it a commitment for life.

    3. Prepare to incur expenses; feeding, grooming, training most importantly, medical needs.

    4. The entire family should participate on adoption day. All should agree on the type of dog that is being considered. Temperament should outweigh looks as a determining factor in your decision.

    5. When looking for a companion for an existing dog, allow your dog to help choose the dog.

    6. When looking for an addition to a pack of more then 2 dogs, be aware that this addition could disrupt the existing dynamics of your pack and will require some adjustments.

    7. Dogs are pack animals, learn about pack behavior. There are many books available to educate you on dog behavior. Check the library or the Internet.

    8. Have all supplies that a new dog needs. A crate, dog bed, food dish, water dish, collar, training collar, and leash. I recommend a leather leash 5/8 wide and 6’ long.

    9. Decide where the dog is going to sleep, preferably in your bedroom (at least for the first week) not in your bed but in the room with you. Remember dogs are pack animals and would rather be with the pack.

    10. Decide who will be responsible for training; dogs yearn for human interaction and quickly bond with those who train and give them gentle and constructive guidance.

    If you appreciate my suggestions, I think you are ready to offer a rescue dog a second chance. If you have selected a Boxer; congratulations you are about to experience unconditional love along with the endless entertainment with the clowns of the dog world.

    Spot Reduction
    spot reduce

    Daily dog walking can help you drop 14 pounds in a year-more than most people lose on nationally known weight-loss plans. Researchers at the University of Missouri found that sedentary subjects who took up walking their dogs not only lost weight, they also improved their flexibility, balance and felt better about themselves. Walking's weight-loss benefits are no surprise but adding a furry friend can spur even die-hard couch potatoes to change their ways, notes study author Rebecca Johnson, Ph.D..

    Buy & Sell on eBay for BRLA

    Now eBay provides a unique way for anyone who enjoys buying or selling via on-line auctions the opportunity to benefit BRLA. Join the millions who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their home computer and donate the proceeds to BRLA. It’s fun, it’s easy and it helps save Boxer lives.

    To buy items benefiting BRLA, simply check our auction site and bid on items you wish to purchase. New items are posted frequently so bookmark the page and check it out often. Live Auction

    To sell items benefiting BRLA you have two choices. You can post items yourself on the BRLA page . You post the item; and you determine what percentage of the winning bid is donated to BRLA. Missionfish & eBay handle the distribution of funds. Details

    BRLA can post items for you. If you have items you would love to donate but computers are not your thing, there is a solution. Simply send your auction items to BRLA to be posted and sold on-line. For details on where to send please contact

    eBay auction for BRLA
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