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Boxer Rescue LA Newsletter a The Boxer Beat
May-June 2007
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Greetings Boxer Lovers!

Inside The Boxer Beat
  • What a Party!
  • Happy 4th of July
  • Success Story - Mugsy now Bebe
  • Pick of The Litter
  • The Taylorson Challenge
  • Boxertini from Christine Head
  • Lucky Dogs

  • Happy 4th of July
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    More animals are lost during the 4th of July celebration than at any other time of year. Loud noises from fireworks terrify animals due to their heightened sense of hearing. They will often do anything to escape the noise including chewing through leashes, jumping through screen or glass windows, digging under fences, jumping over walls or bolting into dangerous situations. You can protect your pet this 4th of July by following these 5 simple suggestions.

    Don't take your pet to firework displays.
    The explosions of fireworks can be excruciating to dogs who hear sounds up to 60,000 cycles per second - that's three times greater than the human ear can hear.

    Don't leave your pet in the car.
    With only hot air to breath, serious health effects, even death can occur in just a few minutes. Partially open windows do not provide sufficient air, but do provide an opportunity for your pet to be stolen.

    Keep your pet indoors in a sheltered, quiet area.
    Some animals become destructive when distressed, so remove any items your pet could destroy or may be harmful to your pet if chewed. Leave a TV or radio playing to keep your pet company if you are going out.

    Consult with your veterinarian.
    If you know you pet is seriously distressed by loud noises, you vet may prescribe a mild sedative to prevent injury and alleviate stress.

    Never leave pets outside.
    In their fear, even pets who normally would never leave the yard may escape and become lost. Never, ever leave a pet on a chain as they can become entangled or end up hanging themselves.

    Make sure your pet has ID.
    Two forms of identification are always best when it comes to protecting your pet and to insure you get them back if lost. The first thing people will look for with a found animal is a collar ID tag with your home information. Make sure you pet is wearing their tags! Your pet should also be micro-chipped in case their collar is missing

    Success Story - Mugsy now Bebe
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    It was a cold and rainy February day last year when Rod Hammersley arrived at BRLA. He had driven all the way from Northern California. Rod is a Real Estate appraiser and wanted a dog that could drive around with him during the day as he works. Toni, a BRLA volunteer, listened to Rod's requirements and immediately brought out Mugsy an adult (slightly portly) female brindle. Most people test a dog by walking it. Rod wanted to "test drive" Mugsy so the three of them set off in Rod's car.

    Mugsy rode quietly in the back seat with eyes straight ahead. She passed the driving test but Rod was not sold. She then leaned forward, looked Rod in the eyes and licked his face. That was it!

    Rod was supposed to spend the night with a friend who had a cat and wanted to pick up Mugsy after the weekend. The BRLA volunteers didn't miss a beat and called around to find a hotel that took dogs so Mugsy would not have to spend another night in a kennel. Rod took her to be groomed and spent the weekend visiting LA before making the drive together back home to San Francisco.

    Once settled Mugsy was now being called Bebe (for bad breath). Turns out her gums had grown over her teeth. Rod got her dental work, removed a number of benign cysts and found out she needed Thyroid medication (very inexpensive). She got the works and now BeBe stands for Brindle Boxer!

    Rod gets choked up when he talks about what kind of companion BeBe is. "I've never had a better friend. We're virtually together all of the time. She sleeps with me (spoons, actually!), goes to work with me all day long and goes on any errands where I can take her. She's loving, very low maintenance, never barks and is perfectly well behaved. If I have to leave her alone in the loft she waits for me patiently and greets me warmly when I arrive home with the 'Boxer wiggle'. She's known throughout the neighborhood by all the other dog lovers. I'm literally begged by some to let them take care of her if I ever have to go out of town and can't take her with me".

    Rod points out the benefits of adopting an adult or senior dog: "I am often told how nice it was for me to take an older dog and incur some medical costs and how lucky she was. Clearly I am the lucky one. Adopting an older dog actually saves money as you skip the destructive puppy phase. You are not replacing items a puppy chews. You are not spending money on trainers. You avoid the stress of housebreaking and don't have to replace carpeting. More than the money you save, you save your sanity as adult dogs are relatively stress-free. I can't recommend adopting an older dog highly enough. I also can't thank BRLA enough for providing me with all of the love and affection I could ask for! Toni knew exactly what she was doing! "

    Last December Rod celebrated his 50th birthday at a very classy resort in Calistoga. He invited 25 friends to share a fabulous weekend. Bebe, of course, came along, and spent the weekend on the down comforter in Rod's fancy suite.

    Pick of The Litter
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    By Candi Mitchell,
    BRLA Volunteer Coordinator

    Meet the Warners; Jon, Natalya and their son Ryan. The family that volunteers together stays together. They are very important members of the BRLA volunteer team

    The Warners had been living in Seattle with 2 Great Danes and a Boxer. When all three dogs had passed the Warners packed up and moved to Los Angeles where they discovered Boxer Rescue LA. They had already adopted a French Mastiff named Mara and were now looking for a Boxer. They came to BRLA on Christmas Eve 2005 to volunteer as dog walkers. While getting to know all of our dogs a sad little girl caught their eye and Lora became the newest Warner family member.

    Every Sunday you will find the Warner family walking and socializing our Boxers. They say "BRLA has been a great chapter in our lives. It gives us an opportunity to help many dogs in a direct way. We give them a happy thirty minutes of walking, playing, sniffing and most importantly love & affection. Every dog deserves that. It is always a thrill to learn when one of our "favorites" is adopted."

    The Warners do an amazing job with our harder to place dogs, simply by taking the extra time to work with them. When you ask Jon or Natalya about their favorite Boxers you will almost always here the names of Robbie, Milena, Roxanne, Lilly, Gaylord, Dixon, Diego, Herbert, Xena, Suzie, RJ, Sonic and Quincy. All have been adopted and can thank the Warners for the time they spent with them. Their current favorite is Mookie. They spend hours with her on Sunday afternoons hoping their work will soon pay off and she finds a home of her own.

    Our hats are off to Jon, Natalya and Ryan Warner, the BRLA volunteer family of the month!

    The Taylorson Challenge
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    BRLA recently had a unique offer. BRLA is located in one of the hottest areas of the San Fernando Valley and during the summer temperatures are typically in the 100's. The Taylorsons, who are very dedicated BRLA supporters, knew our kennels were in need of a cooling system. The Taylorsons created a challenge where they would donate $5,000.00 to the cooling project if BRLA could match the funds. We put the challenge on the BRLA website. It was literally raining donations and in no time we not only matched the challenge, we beat it.

    We are happy to report that BRLA now has evaporative air coolers along with an industrial exhaust fan and our Boxers are cool as cucumbers. The project was completed in the nick of time as last weekend temperatures were in the 90's.

    Thanks to the Taylorsons for creating the challenge and thanks to those who rose to the challenge and donated: Alberto Lopez, Connie Andrews, Tracy Nelson , J. Duffy, Julie Fahenkoph, Michelle Fujimoto, Lillian Sedlak, Kathleen McFarlin, Mollie Thielmann, Dana McCamber, Georgina Lopez, Kelly Buchanan, Anna Calonico Rhodes, Summer Plelps , Chantell Yates, Jerri Lynn Sebelius, Linda Geoghega, Michele Caylor , Roark Sandberg, Leegie Parker Bowers, Sherly & Jerry Henning , Katie Budway, Barbara Mudge, Shannon Roy, Teresa Sanders, Golf Bye Work, John Weisgerber, Scott & Jenifer Snyder.

    Feeling inspired? You could create a similar challenge for any of these pending projects for Boxer Rescue LA:
    BRLA Medical Ward - total needed $7000.00
    BRLA Underdog Rehab Center - total needed $4000.00

    Thanks again to all who made the Taylorson Challenge successful and for insuring that BRLA Boxers will be comfortable during the dog days of summer.

    Boxertini from Christine Head
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    Renound artist Christine Head has released her latest Boxer masterpiece - Boxertini. You can add this to your collection or it can be the start of your collection!

    This vintage Style Italian Poster by Christine J Head measures 24"x36" and will fit into a standard frame Each is hand signed and numbered and will ship rolled.

    The Italian to English translation on the artwork is: Boxertini -Never Sour, a bit Fruity, Always Sweet, Cheers to Boxer Rescue!

    Order yours today for $96.00 + $4.00 S&H.

    Lucky Dogs
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    lucky dog

    BRLA successfully placed 53 Boxers in April 2007. You Lucky Dogs!

    Abigale, Analiza, Bearnaise, Bosco, Boy George, Braxton, Brenna, Bubbles, Button, Chablis, Diana, Diego, Diesel, Dino, Eligio, Geronimo, Ginger, Happy, Hercules, Hugo, Hurley, Jack , Joe, Kong, Levi, Lindsey Lohan, Lola, Mabel, Manning, Mattie, Miss Texas, Muffet, Muggs, Penelope, Petra, Petunia, Pongo, Priscilla, Pupush, Rambo, River, Rommel, Rosie, Roxy/Mollie, Salty, Sam, Scooby, Seneca, Shelley, Sonic/Brodie, Tyson

    What a Party!

    Woof & Wine.
    Friday June 8, about 150 people turned out to enjoy the first annual Woof & Wine fundraiser. The wine was fine, the food was amazing, the music was hot and the auction was busy. A good time was had by all and over $15K was raised for BRLA.

    Special thanks to Eaturna for providing a spectacular food display and Let's Talk About Wine for organizing the event. And thanks to Alberto Lopez for just being fabulous!

    You won't want to miss Woof & Wine 2008!


    Boxer Rescue LA

    Come out and meet the BRLA volunteers and some of our available dogs at one of these upcoming events.

    Pet Appreciation Day
    Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007
    11am - 6pm
    Live Oak Park, Dorsey Field
    Manhattan Beach


    Let's Blog

    Ralph's is requiring that all Community Contributors register their club cards AGAIN. If you do not sign up directly with Ralph's, BRLA does not receive proceeds. They will require participants to register each year. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you are not aware of this program, it's fantastic as it allows you to donate funds to BRLA without spending a dime. When you shop at Ralph's and use your club card, Ralph's donates a percentage of your purchases to BRLA. Everyone needs to grocery shop and you might as well shop at Ralphs so your purchases not only feed your family but it helps feed BRLA boxers.

    So please sign up or sign up AGAIN. It's easy:

    1. Log on to RALPHS.COM

    2. Click on "Community Contribution"

    3. Click on "Participant" - BRLA NPO - 80701

    4. Follow the easy steps to enroll! - Be sure to complete all the information

    5. Sit back and watch your grocery shopping earn money for BRLA



    With great appreciation we recognize these individuals who are BRLA monthly donors. Every month their reocurring donation arrives at BRLA to support our boxers in waiting. Thank you!

    Robyn Davis
    Tracy Goodman
    Sonia Johnson
    Christine Olson
    Christine Schaeffer
    Lara Clinton
    Lauren Carr
    Linda Kirkham
    Aram and Kourosh Kaveh
    Christi Olsen
    Claudia Toledo
    CM Quickle
    Connie Vohden
    Diana King
    Erika Alegar
    Exxon Maldonado
    Glenn Tannous
    Greg Gibson
    James A. Bryan
    Janes & Filana Ragan
    Kimberly Bauer
    Lori Koch
    Maria Calon & Jeffery Klein
    Mary Shea
    Mindy Carrington
    Norma Stang
    Paige Cunningham
    Phil Armstrong
    Ronald & Kathy Carlson
    Sally Cormier
    Taylor N. Wright
    Tiffany Cohen
    Tom & Alyse Plotkin
    Virginia Burton
    Wolfgang DeGirogia
    Becky Howery
    Dean Marolla
    Geannie Acheson
    George & Sharry Taylorson
    Gergory Morris
    Gillian Bonner Caine
    Jane & Jim Clinkenbeard
    Jeff Hill
    Judy Mortens
    Juliet Curtis
    Kai Lauritzen
    Lillian Sedlak
    Lyda Corey
    Michele Edelman
    Michelle Donaghy
    Michelle Janczewski
    Petra Jones
    Robert Rien
    Sandra Treherne
    Shana Kaplan
    Sherry & Mike Grant




    Boxer Rescue LA


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