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February 2006


Welcome to the first Boxer Rescue E-Newsletter. We hope you find the information helpful and the stories heartwarming & entertaining. We have also just given our website a fresh new look and feel. Now, you can easily navigate the site and see our adorable boxers who are available for adoption along with some innovative new programs that help support our cause. See Our New Website

  • BRLA on The Dog Whisper
  • Without Borders Boxer Rescue - Our Canadian Partner
  • Medical Lifeline
  • Ask Sarah
  • Lucky Dogs

  • Without Borders Boxer Rescue - Our Canadian Partner
    canada boxer

    By founder, Chantell Yates
    There may be a border between the US and Canada but the love of Boxers knows no boundaries. Without Borders Boxer Rescue helps BRLA boxers find loving homes in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

    In September 2001, Boxer Rescue Canada noticed how many Canadians wanted to adopt Boxers and how few available Boxers there were in Canada. Boxer Rescue LA, one of the largest breed specific rescues, always had plenty of boxers. One month later, my husband and I loaded up a 15-passenger van with crates and made the 22 hour journey straight to BRLA for Boxer Rescue Canada. It was an exhilarating and wonderful experience to see the facility and meet many of the dedicated volunteers. We were overwhelmed with hope and joy at all the boxers who needed homes. We selected 10 dogs and began the long journey home. Our Canadian families anxiously awaited our return with their new family members on board. All adoptions went well, including our foster girl becoming a permanent member of our family. Her name was Bea and she was a tiny frightened girl. It didnít take long for her to warm up to us and our Boxer Morgan. Bea became Cali, short for California, and became the queen of our house. After adopting Cali and seeing the miraculous transformation in her from just love and patience, we were hooked .

    We eventually drove another van full of boxers from BRLA up for Boxer Rescue Canada and many dogs arrive by air. In September 2004 we decided that BRLA needed an official affiliate in British Columbia so Without Borders Boxer Rescue began. WBBR is a rescue group for Canadian families along with Washington, Oregon and Alaska to adopt boxers from BRLA. Since September 2004 we have successfully placed 42 Boxers.

    Our families are carefully screened and we select dogs that match their lifestyles in advance of them traveling to Canada. The BRLA adoption team works closely with the WBBR team to insure the right dog is selected for each family. We meet the new arrivals at the airport to clear customs and then get them ready to meet their new family. It is always heartwarming to witness the first time families see their new boxers who have made such a long journey for love.

    Every member of WBBR is crucial in making this venture a huge success. Thank you Heather, Cathy, Jeff, Kerri, Aimie and all our wonderful adoptive families who help out and continue to spread the word.
    We could not do what we do up here without the support of all the amazing volunteers at Boxer Rescue LA. Thank you!

    Chanelle Yates
    Without Borders Boxer Rescue

    Medical Lifeline
    medical lifeline

    Every once in awhile, everyone needs a Lifeline.

    You can become a PERSONAL LIFELINE by sponsoring a medical procedure for one of our dogs on the Medical Lifeline waiting list. This is where your donation goes directly to one specific case. You will appear as that dogs Lifeline on our website. Your donation will have an immediate affect on that particular boxers life.

    You can also enlist your own veterinarian to become a PROFESSIONAL LIFELINE by donating their services to one of our Medical Lifeline dogs. Boxer Rescue LA provides a sample letter you can use to enlist your vet into the Professional Lifeline program. Just like the Personal Lifeline, a Professional Lifeline is helping BRLA one specific dog at a time.

    Ask Sarah
    ask sarah

    Dear Sarah
    We adopted Beau a year ago and he is a great dog. Lately he has been getting into the trash and scattering it everywhere. Our kitchen trash has a lid and is not disturbed. Beau will sneak into the bathrooms and office to get the trash. He gets plenty of exercise and does this when we are home. We have scolded him and he shows remorse, but will do it again in a second. Can you help us. Rose.

    Dear Rose,
    Trash diving is a normal dog behavior. His remorse, slinking away, avoiding eye contact is not a sign of guilt. Beau is showing submissive behavior to your anger. He doesn't understand that getting into the trash is wrong, he only knows that you are mad.

    To stop this behaviors all together you have two choices. #1) Keep all trash cans out of reach, covered or behind closed doors at all times. #2) Use an indoor barrier with a correction collar for each trash can. See link below

    Send your Ask Sarah questions to:

    Lucky Dogs
    lucky dog

    These are the 61 Boxer Rescue LA orphans that found homes this January. You Lucky Dogs!

    Abner, Alex, Amadeus, Anastasia, Bono, Brandy, Bugsey, Buster, Capone, Chico, Cinderella, Clyde, Daphne, Dingo, Duke, Dusty, Elliot, Gandalf, Goofy, Harvey, Huckleberry, Jinx, Kaiser, Kamden, Kona, Kotten, Lucy Lou, Marty, Mason, Max, Max II, Max III, Mischa, Mollie, Newman, Nick, Oscar, Oso, Pebbles, Pedro. Penny Lane, Rainbow, Randolf, Rena, Ruby, Scooby, Shelly, Sienna, Skippy, Smokey, Snoopy, Sprite, Spunky, Susie, Sweets, Velvita, Wallstreet, Wilson & Zero.

    Happy Valentines Day!
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    BRLA on The Dog Whisper

    Tune into The National Geographic Channels hit TV show, The Dog Whisper, featuring Cesar Millan to see episode #4 which features Boxer Rescue LA. Cesar helps a client match her dominate male with the right female Boxer. You will learn some great tips on introducing a new dog into your household and how to pick the right dog for you. See our facility and even a rare on camera appearance of our founder, Ursula.

    Set Your Recording Devices: The BRLA episode airs Monday Feb, 20 at 1:00 pm PST.

    Check your cable listing for The National Geographic Channel.

    More on Cesar
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