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January 2007
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Greetings Boxer Lovers!

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  • Silver for Valentines Day
  • Aging Gracefully
  • Success Story Jackie Joyner
  • Mobile Vet Service
  • Pick of The Litter
  • Lucky Dogs!

  • Aging Gracefully

    All boxers are puppies at heart no matter what age. They can be gray in the face and slow in the pace, but their spirits always soar. As a general rule of thumb, around 7 years of age a boxer can be considered a senior. There are numerous ways to enrich and protect the health and happiness of your senior boxer allowing you many, many happy years together.

    You may begin to see the subtle changes: a graying muzzle, a bluish haze in the eyes, taking longer to get up and general slowing down. These are all normal aspects of aging for any dog and do not affect their health or well being. We all know that love is the most important ingredient in a Boxer's life but there are other important things to consider.

    Ten Important Tips for Keeping Your Older Boxer Healthy:

    1. A Good Vet: Establish a relationship with someone you trust and you feel comfortable with. Many vets offer senior wellness check ups that include total body function profiles.
    2. Education: Take some time and lean about conditions common to older dogs and the therapies that help them. Many conditions like arthritis can be treated at first notice and symptoms can be greatly reduced with proactive care.
    3. Nutrition: Feed your Boxer the absolute best food you can afford. Consider feeding a preservative-free home prepared diet in smaller more frequent meals. If feeding commercial foods, select a senior formula
    4. Weight Control: Do not over-feed your Boxer. Obesity will create health problems which can shorten their life
    5. Supplements: You can add supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin for better movement, Omega 3’s for body function and other supplements that target specific issues in your older Boxer.
    6. Exercise: It’s as simple as use it or lose it. A walk every day, no matter how long or short, will keep your Boxer in better health both physically and mentally. Avoid quick starts and stops as long consistent walks are most beneficial. Uphill walking builds the muscles that support the spine and helps with arthritis and dysphasia.
    7. Dental Health: Check your Boxer’s teeth as dental disease can have adverse effects on overall health.
    8. Vaccinations: Consider having you senior vaccinated only once every three years rather than every year. Many major veterinary colleges are recommending this reduction of vaccines.
    9. Parasite Control: Be diligent in controlling fleas and ticks and keep your dog and their environment clean.
    10. Involvement: Make your Boxer as much a part of your daily life as you can. A stimulating full life makes both Boxer and owner much happier and healthier.

    We all slow down eventually and it does not mean that we love less or enjoy life any less. Living with an older Boxer is the best of both worlds. They have the spirit and will to play and please you, but they love to nap and are very content just being home. Cherish and care for your Boxer for the rest of their life. We wish it to be a very long and happy one!

    Success Story Jackie Joyner

    This is a story of a Boxer that tried many times, had many people helping her and traveled many miles to find the right home. It’s a story of never giving up. It’s a story with so many twists and turns that you may need to take notes. It’s the success story of Jackie Joyner now Lucy.

    Many, many months ago, BRLA rescued a young white Boxer from a shelter and witnessed her athletic ability to jump. She was named Jackie Joyner after the famous track star. Jackie loved people but was less fond of other dogs. BRLA found her a home with no other animals and off she went. The owner was warned of Jackie’s ability to clear tall buildings in a single bound, but did not manage to contain her. Jackie jumped the fence, got out and was hit by a car. The vehicle dragged her and left her with large permanent scars on her body. She was picked up by the local shelter and her owner refused to claim her. BRLA rescued her again.

    She recovered at BRLA and waited months for someone to want her. Jackie was sent up to Bay Area Boxer Rescue to be placed. No such luck. After a few months she was returned to BRLA. She was a volunteer favorite with her sweet personality, long tongue and scarred body her inner beauty shined brightly.

    The plot thickens. Sarah, a BRLA volunteer, arranged for Jackie to be transferred to our partner Brynn at San Clemente Animal Shelter. There she had fewer dogs to compete with for adoption. She was there for a few months when Jackie’s luck finally changed.

    As it turns out Jackie had an out of town secret admirer who had fallen in love with her from her original profile on the BRLA website. Claire felt an immediate bond with Jackie. Unfortunately back then Claire had another dog and could not bring Jackie home. But Jackie’s story was long and Claire never gave up. Sadly she recently had to say goodbye to her beloved Beagle. She knew it was now time to track down Jackie and bring her home.

    Claire lives in Oregon but her brother Jay lives in California and is a neighbor of Jan, another BRLA volunteer. Jay and his wife Beth have a pair of three legged rescue dogs. One of them is a BRLA Boxer: Chruchill who is now called Chief. Needless to say Boxers are a frequent topic of conversation in this neighborhood. Jackie was never forgotten and it was finally happening. Claire was adopting Jackie.

    Jay picked up Jackie and drove her to Williams, CA. Claire and Jackie drove the rest of the way to Florence, Oregon where she is now the happiest Boxer ever. She is lavished with stylish jackets to protect her sensitive skin from harm. Claire absolutely loves this girl and has re-named her Lucy.

    Claire sent us an update today and says “Lucy is enjoying having a back yard to horse around in as long as I leave the back door open. She comes and checks in every so often. Just today she didn't show herself so I went to check on her. I found her basking in the sun. She had fallen to sleep with her ball in her mouth and a smile on her face. I just want to thank Sarah, Jan, Jay, Beth and Brynn along with the entire BRLA staff for the love and attention lavished on Lucy...I only hope I can do half the job they did.”

    It just goes to show, that no matter how long it takes, there is a home for every abandoned boxer out there. This Boxer went from LA to San Fernando to the Bay Area to Orange County and finally home to Oregon. Never ever give up!

    Mobile Vet Service

    I’m sure many of you have dogs who HATE to go to the veterinarian, for any reason. They shake, they quake, and they get totally stressed out before they set foot into the waiting room. We hate putting our pets through this but what if they need medical attention? We have a solution that even works when you are talking about over 100 Boxers at one time. The solution is Dr. Garcia and his Paws and Claws Mobile Vet Services.

    Dr Garcia comes to you in a fully equipped mobile animal hospital (a tricked out motor home no less) Along with his vet technicians, Rachel Stone and Nancy Lee, they provide a variety of services for your dog, cat or small animal without the stress of a trip to the vet office. In the comfort of you home they can perform:

    • House calls
    • Physical Exams
    • Blood Testing
    • X-Ray Service and Interpretation
    • Vaccinations
    • Spays/Neuters
    • Dentistry
    • Dermatology
    • Preventative care
    • Private dignified In-Home Euthanasia

    The Paws and Claws Mobile Vet team are compassionate, competent and tireless. When they visit Boxer Rescue LA, it is an all day affair. Along with the assistance of Boxer Rescue volunteers, dogs are weighted, examined and treated. This service is critical in maintaining a healthy environment when so many Boxers are living in a kennel situation. BRLA applauds Dr. Garcia and his staff for the service they provide.

    If your pet would benefit from home vet care, then contact Dr. Garcia and Paws and Claws Mobile Vets. We highly recommend the personal and professional service they provide in the valley area.

    >Paws & Claws Mobile Vet
    Ph: 818 - 346 - pets (7387)
    Cell: 818 - 917 - 6711
    Fax: 818 - 710 – 0331
    Email: DrRick@pawsandclawsmobilevet.com

    Pick of The Litter

    This month we feature a very special couple, Sharry and George Taylorson. They have had rescue Boxers in their home for over 20 years and currently share their lives with Buddy and Princess, both from BRLA.

    George and Sharry are one of Boxer Rescue LA’s most generous donors and are charter members of the Monthly Miracle Makers; donors who provide recurring monthly donations. Every year they host a fabulous party for all the BRLA volunteers at their beautiful Pasadena home. They also have a fantastic vacation home on a lake. They have auctioned off one-week stays at this resort-like setting at BRLA fundraising events. They are always looking for ways to help BRLA help Boxers. We are grateful for their continued support.

    They are not only dedicated to raising funds for Boxer Rescue LA, they are completely devoted to their Boxers. Buddy has been living with Myasthenia Gravis for the past two and a half years which require medication three times a day. Every day at 6 am, 2 pm and 10 pm they are home to make sure Buddy gets his meds. He is currently in remission thanks to their care. They feel that giving up a social life to insure his treatment is consistent is totally worth having Buddy in their family.

    Their other Boxer, Princess is their flashy little girl. She brings them pure joy and endless entertainment and she is totally devoted to Buddy. George and Sharry laugh about Princess’s energy and swear she has ADD. I’m sure many of you out there feel the same about your active Boxer. Both of these rescue dogs are lucky to live with the Taylorsons and live full and exciting lives

    George and Sharry Taylorson are very good friends to Boxer Rescue LA. They are loved and appreciated by everyone involved.

    Lucky Dogs!
    lucky dog

    56 BRLA Boxers found homes in December2006. You Lucky Dogs!

    Aaron, Angie, Apple Annie, August, Bailey, Barkus/Guss, Barnaby Jones, Bazooka, Beaudreau, Bentley, Boris, Brett, Bruno, Buddy, Buffalo Bill, Champ, Charity, Chata, Chata2, Chief, Cinnamon, Cinnamon2, Cutie McPretty, Daphne, Delano, Doogie Bowser, Emma,Gaby, Gaston, Gretta, Gunther, Gwendolyn, Gypsy, Isabella, Jake, Lassie, Lola, Lollipop, Max, Moe, Nemo, Pebbles, Pixie, Polly, Porky, Prada/Sweetie, Princess Di, Randall, Rocco, Rocky Balboa, Ross, Sabrina, Silver, Tiki, TuTuLARue, Winston Churchill.

    Silver for Valentines Day

    There is nothing as elegant as a deep brown or brindle boxer starting to turn silver. The distinguished salt & pepper starts to creep around their eyes and muzzles. The color change is a sign of years of love and devotion.

    But what happens when a silver Boxer has lived their entire life with a person or family is suddenly abandoned for a new puppy. How can someone turn their back on their pet and simply walk away?

    BRLA rescues boxers of all ages, knowing they all deserve love and respect. These silver boxers make wonderful, easy to care for companions and have so much love still to give. BRLA has a special permanent senior foster program making it easy to include one of these dogs into your life. Have a heart, give a silver Boxer a home for Valentines Day.




    There is still time to order the premire edition of the BRLA Rescue Dog Calendar. There are over 60 dogs that have been rescued from Boxer Rescue LA featured inside.

    For a tax deductible donation of $20 you can get your very own BRLA calendar.


    Ralph’s is requiring that all Community Contributors register their club cards AGAIN. If you do not sign up directly with Ralph’s, BRLA does not receive proceeds. They will require participants to register each year. We appologize for the inconvenience.

    If you are not aware of this program, it's fantastic as it allows you to donate funds to BRLA without spending a dime. When you shop at Ralph's and use your club card, Ralph's donates a percentage of your purchases to BRLA. Everyone needs to grocery shop and you might as well shop at Ralphs so your purchases not only feed your family but it helps feed BRLA boxers.

    So please sign up or sign up AGAIN. It’s easy:

    1. Log on to RALPHS.COM

    2. Click on "Community Contribution"

    3. Click on "Participant" - BRLA NPO - 80701

    4. Follow the easy steps to enroll! - Be sure to complete all the information

    5. Sit back and watch your grocery shopping earn money for BRLA



    With great appreciation we recognize these individuals who are BRLA monthly donors. Every month their reocurring donation arrives at BRLA to support our boxers in waiting. Thank you!

    New Monthly Miracle Makers
    Tracy Goodman
    Sonia Johnson
    Christine Olson
    Christine Schaeffer
    Lara Clinton
    Lauren Carr
    Linda Kirkham

    Joining our existing Monthly Miracle Makers:

    Aram and Kourosh Kaveh
    Christi Olsen
    Claudia Toledo
    CM Quickle
    Connie Vohden
    Diana King
    Erika Alegar
    Exxon Maldonado
    Glenn Tannous
    Greg Gibson
    James A. Bryan
    Janes & Filana Ragan
    Kimberly Bauer
    Lori Koch
    Maria Calon & Jeffery Klein
    Mary Shea
    Mindy Carrington
    Norma Stang
    Paige Cunningham
    Phil Armstrong
    Ronald & Kathy Carlson
    Sally Cormier
    Taylor N. Wright
    Tiffany Cohen
    Tom & Alyse Plotkin
    Virginia Burton
    Wolfgang DeGirogia
    Becky Howery
    Dean Marolla
    Geannie Acheson
    George & Sharry Taylorson
    Gergory Morris
    Gillian Bonner Caine
    Jane & Jim Clinkenbeard
    Jeff Hill
    Judy Mortens
    Juliet Curtis
    Kai Lauritzen
    Lillian Sedlak
    Lyda Corey
    Michele Edelman
    Michelle Donaghy
    Michelle Janczewski
    Petra Jones
    Robert Rien
    Sandra Treherne
    Shana Kaplan
    Sherry & Mike Grant




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