How we operate:

We are a non-profit organization with a solid volunteer core and caring kennel staff. We are funded solely by private donations. Generous boxer owners and lovers across the country donate what they can when they can to assist our efforts. Besides the minimal adoption donations we collect, we organize fundraising events, sell merchandise and are continually working on ways to better the lives of the boxers we care for. We operate a full time kennels which can house up to 65 boxers at any one time. It is a constant struggle to raise the needed funds but it is a labor of love. The most important factor in how we are able to operate is the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and their passion for Boxers. We could not operate without those who donate their time or money or both.

What we do:

Adoption services: We care for and place hundreds of Boxers, of all ages each year into loving homes. We have many returning clients who through the years have adopted their boxers from BRLA. Our boxers live at our facility allowing us to interact daily with them to understand their nature and temperament. Our adoption teams work very hard in matching the right boxer with your needs and lifestyle. We do everything we can to select a dog that will fit right into your life. We take the guess work out of finding the right dog...it's all about the right match.

Medical services:

Before a dog leaves Boxer Rescue LA, they are sterilized and shots are brought up to date. We treat any injuries or medical conditions that are apparent to us. We advise all new adopters to take their newly adopted Boxer to their vet for a full and complete check up. Medical services are one of the most costly line items each year for BLRA. Many Boxers that are abandoned suffer stress at the very least and often more serious conditions as results of their prior lives. We work with a network of veterinarians who are considerate to our cause but medical cost still run in the hundreds of thousands every year. If a dog has a chance at quality of life, we strive to give them that opportunity. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a boxer bloom with proper care and love.


We evaluate all our dogs for temperament. There is the right dog for every person and knowing the dogs in our care is the only way to make that match. Our volunteers work with our Boxers to understand what the best home for them would be. Every dog is an individual and we do our best to make that perfect match. It takes following our take home guidelines to help dogs settle in.  We strongly recommend contacting us immediately if a Boxer is behaving in a manner you are not happy with. We are happy to help you correct problems as soon as you are aware of them to avoid future frustration. We are here to help especially after the Boxer goes home with you.

The adoption process:

By now you must have seen a few of the faces and profiles of Boxers available for adoption. If not, check out the available dogs’ page, filled with every age, color, and personality you could imagine. The first step is to fill out an online adoption application. This is what gives us an insight to your lifestyle and inevitably which Boxers would be good candidates for you. After we receive your application a BRLA volunteer will contact you. An appointment will be made for you to come to our facility in the East San Fernando Valley to meet the Boxers. We schedule adoption appointments on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5pm. You will bring everyone involved (kids, other pets) to BRLA, where placement volunteers will work with you to make a love connection. When you find your perfect Boxer a contract is signed and a donation of $300 (more if you like) is made by cash or credit card. You get to take your new family member home that day! As stated before BRLA operates strictly on donations. Adoption donations are helpful but do not come close to covering the costs involved with Boxer Rescue LA. You will be given any paperwork we have on the dog, a Boxer Care booklet filled with information, referrals, and contacts to help you and your new Boxer adjust to each other. We stand behind our dogs and provide follow up advice and help when needed.

About rescued Boxers:

We are often asked why so many Boxers are given up by people. The fact that we have over 60 dogs does not mean they are given up more than any other breed, but that we are able to house that many Boxers. The number of dogs we save is a tribute to the number of people out there helping us save them. We have a lot of Boxers because we do a very good job of saving all boxers in our region.

They are not in shelters because they are bad dogs, just dogs in bad situations. Most dogs in rescue are there because of a lack of commitment by their previous owners. Many people can't resist a helpless cute puppy. Six months later, when no one took the time to train the dog, or spend time with the dog, they are not so cute anymore. People move, people get divorced, people are not always committed to their pets.

Boxers are a wonderful, fun loving, people oriented breed. They flourish when included in the person or family’s home and life. A Boxer secluded to a yard will not be the happy, well adjusted companion most people are looking for. As part of your life, they can fill your heart with love and laughter.

With any rescue dog there is a period of adjustment required to feel safe and comfortable. Depending on the dog it could be from 2 minutes to 2 months. Every dog is an individual. We are always available for advice and follow up. We are committed to helping Boxers fit into their new homes. We only ask that you are sure of your commitment before you adopt. A Boxer will love you unconditionally until the day they die.

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