Here's some additional information on my lost female boxer. Her name is
"Lucy." She got out of the yard with my male on April 7. He was hit by
a car and I got him back, damaged but will recover. Lucy was not seen.
Last possible sighting was on either Tues April 18 or Wed April 19 on
Polk near the 210 freeway in Sylmar. I believe that someone picked her
up that day but it is not confirmed. She had a purple nylon collar on
but the plastic ID tag that she had worn broke the week she was lost and
I had planned on getting a new one that weekend. She was three years
old last week. She is spayed, cropped and docked. She has a black mask
with white markings under chin and down chest to between front legs.
Front toes are white. She is very sweet but very insecure around strangers. Hope this helps.

Susan Jackson
818 367-8783