Lost Boxer - Toby

Toby, my male boxer ran away from home Sunday morning at 12:30 am on October the 3rd. I let him out the front door to use the rest room, he saw a rabbit and took off into the night.
I too am in the Hesperia area. My address is 7151 Century Ave. Hesperia Ca. Cross of Ranchero and Century. My phone is 760-948 7628, my cell is 562-244-9760. Toby is a male 2 year old boxer fawn in color. His tail is cropped but his ears are natural. All four of Toby's feet are white with white toe nails, except for his outer toe nail on each foot is black. I have checked with the animal shelter in Hesperia and Apple Valley with no luck. Toby is very friendly and loves to ride in trucks.
 Thank you for your help!!!
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