Lost Boxer - Roxy $1,000 reward


I lost my 1 year female boxer "Roxy" on Friday, 12/19/03 at the Rosemead exit, off of the 10 freeway in San Gabriel Valley. She accidentally jumped out of my boyfriend's car and started running, it looked like she was chasing after something. It was a bit unusual because Roxy is a very well behaved and an obedient dog. So, my boyfriend called me at work that day and I was furious and worried. Then, he started looking all over for her before I got there. On the streets and talking to people and had no news. Then, when I got over there and looked and looked and I was hoping and praying that she would be in the shelter the next day. The next day we went to the animal shelters... we had no luck. Then, we went back to the streets and put up posters... still no luck.

I'm still looking for her everyday online. Then, I was referred to the boxer rescue clubs to see if you guys can keep an eye out for me. There is a $1,000 reward if she's found and returned home safely.

Roxy is 1 year old fawn boxer, white chest, black muzzle, cropped tail and flat ears. She's very, very sweet and obedient. She had black collar with contact numbers and license number when she was lost (license #L04-098213) exp 6/7/04. REMARK: She has 1/4 size bald spot near tail, it's her birthmark. I am also sending you the pictures. Please help me, I'm very heartbroken and devastated. I miss her everyday and pray for her to come home soon. Please pass along her pictures and emails to as many organizations out there.

I really appreciate you attention to this email. Thank you very very much.

Ginny Yueh


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