If you are thinking about fostering a boxer, please
check out our LOVING SENIORS and SPECIAL NEEDS Boxers first! These are the Boxers considered canidates for foster.

Temporary Medical & Permanent Senior Fostering

Our foster program is different than most rescues. Many rescue organizations depend solely on foster home to house their animals. Boxer Rescue LA has facilities to house over 100 boxers. Our kennels are home to the general population of boxers available for adoption. Our foster program was designed solely for our medical needs dogs and for our seniors to expedite them into home situations.

As a Temporary Medical Foster, you would take home one of our special needs dogs on a short term basis to provide TLC during their recovery. We would provide you with any medication needed, instructions and emergency contact information. These Boxers are mostly under the care of one of our vets or just need TLC.

As a Permanent Senior Foster, you are offering a happy ending to a dog still full of life and love. These calm, loving older dogs do not ask for much ... just love, respect and to live the rest of their lives outside a kennel. A permanent Senior Foster is just like an adoption, only we waive the adoption donation.


Love is really the best medicine for most of our boxers that are canidates to be fostered! Here is what you could expect as a BRLA foster.

As a Temporary Medical Foster, you would provide:

A safe loving place for our Boxer to recover
Administration of any and all medicines as prescribed
Feeding and exercise as specified
Transportation to vet appointments when necessary
Most importantly - TLC - which nothing can replace
The first right of refusal to adopt your foster

As a Permanent Senior Foster , you would provide:

A loving home for the rest of their life. A permanent senior foster is just like an adoption- the dog is yours to care for and love.

As a Temporary Medical Foster, BRLA provides you with:

* All medical history and DVM instructions
* Advice on food and nutrition
* Emergency contact information for BRLA, vet's and animal hospitals
* Access to BRLA vets for Boxers needing ongoing medical care
* Medications provided by BRLA vets
* Vet service, at BRLA assigned vets only, for conditions being treated
* Endless gratitude for helping those who need it the most

As a Permanent Senior Foster, BRLA provides you with:

* Endless gratitude for providing a loving home and life with dignity.


Foster homes can be so important for our special dogs, especially those that need more attention than the others. We have saved Boxers who have been used as bait at fighting rings, endless dogs who have been hit by cars, dogs who are starving from neglect or from being on the streets. You name it, we've seen it. And these dogs, once treated by our medical staff need a quiet place to regain their strength so they can be adopted.

Once medical foster dogs are looking and feeling good, BRLA can find a permanent home. Of course all fosters get the first right of refusal to adopt the dog they care for. If you choose to have your foster placed you can be involved by providing very accurate behavior information. And then you would be free to foster again!! It is a wonderful and very gratifying experience to provide care for the most needy and see them transform from sad cases into exuberant joy! All because of your love and compassion.

Here are just a few of the many good reasons to become a BRLA foster:

* You are helping those who need help the most.
* Everyone agrees two dogs are easier than one. And you might be surprised to see    how helpful your existing pet can be in the recovery of another dog.
* Fostering is a perfect match with a person who feels it is important to reach out to    those who need help the most. These dogs REALLY need help!
* Permanently fostering a senior dog, who are often overlooked by people coming to adopt, can be the happiest ending

For more information, CLICK HERE to contact Joni our Foster coordinator.

To be considered as a Foster Home, please fill out our BRLA FOSTER APPLICATION FORM.

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