The Colitis Diet that works!

Many Boxers have sensitive stomachs. Colitis is a condition that can be easily controlled with diet. From the many cases we have successfully treated at BRLA we would like to share the diet that works!

Here is the diet we use, it's pretty successful.

• Fish and potato kibble, can be a variety of brands; California Natural,

Wellness, Eagle Pac and Dick Van Patton's. The Van Patton's seems to work

well with all of ours. You can purchase it either canned or kibble.

• Canned pumpkin, just a tablespoon or two with each serving.

• Yogurt is optional. It works well in some better then others, you just

have to try and see.

• Psyllium powder (this is key) you need a 1/2 a tablespoon sprinkled over

the kibble, mix a lot of warm water, if not, it will turn to jelly.


To help get a dog system settled down, you can use a tablespoon of

Kaopectate twice a day for a few days to help tighten up the stools, but do

not use if for more then a few days.

If the dog has a "flair" up, the meds that have been prescribed to us with a

very good outcome are:

Baytril, Clavomox and Metronidizole. You can usually see results from this

combination within 24 hours, but keep the dog on the meds for a minimum of

10 days to allow the intestines to heal.

Remember that it takes weeks for a dogs system to adjust, especially a

colitis dog so patience is the key and you must stick to the same diet, do

not vary or it will upset their system and then you're starting all over


If you are training a dog and need treats, DickVan Patton makes a

fish/potato biscuit or I just grab a handful of kibble and give it like a

treat. You can also steam potatoes (white or sweet) to mix in their food,

or open a can of fish, tuna or Salmon (mine prefer the Salmon of course!)

and they'll think they've had the feast of the year!

Just remember that colitis is an allergy to certain foods, you will have to

experiment to see what works best for your dog.


Another key ingredient to solving colitis is providing your dog with outdoor access via doggie door or open door policy. They have to eliminate frequently and giving them the option to get out on their own relieves stress. Stress only makes colitis worse.

Get a doggie door.

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