In Loving Memory: Cutie McPretty




Cutie McPretty came into our lives on December 2, 2006 and  passed away on February 17, 2007 and for those 2 and a half months she was with us, she was a loving part of our family. We knew when Sarah brought her out to us that Saturday afternoon that this scrappy boxer was the one for us. Cutie never let on how sick she was and she played, ran and boxed her heart out every day we had her. Cutie had a cancerous tumor that went undetected and she was such a trooper that we didn’t even realize she wasn’t well until the last couple of days of her life. She passed away on the way to the animal hospital but was in my daughter’s arms and being loved, kissed and held up to the last minute of her life. 


As sad as we were then and still are it brings us such happiness to know that Cutie was in a warm home where she was loved by everyone who saw her, was loved by my neighbor and her black Lab Cassie, and especially loved by my Mother and her Pit Bull Bullet.  She was such a cuddle monkey and was always happy to see you and would wiggle her butt and give you kisses. Her favorite place was my bed of course and at night when I needed her to scoot over she would roll over on her back and paw at me so I couldn’t scoot her. She loved to go on walks and when she would hear the leash she would jump up and pounce looking a lot like a Grizzly bear.


My daughter and I along with everyone at BRLA will miss her dearly…thanks again for the opportunity to have Cutie’s last days be in peace and filled with love.


Rebecca and Alexandria Arden

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