Tribute: In Loving Memory - Flor

The Story of Flor - A tribute to the girl who always made us smile.

In November of '04, we adopted a male who had just come to the rescue. His then name was Danny, but he is now called Lennon or as we also call him 'Mushy'. It turned out that this young fella has bad kidneys. A couple of months after we adopted Lennon, I noticed a little girl in the Special Needs section of the BRLA website named Flower. She also had bad kidneys. But, Flower's situation was futher progressed and her outlook was not sunny. After many question and exchange of email to Joni, Ursula and Lillian, my Husband and I decided to introduce Flower to our Family. We took her home on March 26th, 2005. Not only did Flower bloom and thrive, but so did Lennon. They bonded together and shared a great partnership. I didn't understand how 2 boxers could be better than one until Flower.

Not long after she had come into our home, her name was altered a bit and we called her Flor. Usually it was more like Florrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A long extended rolling of the r’s that was fun to call her by. She would smile and wiggle when we’d call her that way. And we would laugh at her reaction.

When we brought her home, we understood that she did not have much time. The vets thought she may have 6 months to live. Flor was with us for 13 months. Each day she gave us so much love and joy. She had the funniest sidewinder wiggle. She was a playful girl, a stubborn mule, a macho guard dog, a calm and loving spirit and so much more all rolled into one. She learned that kitties were off limits, even though we could see the yearning in her eyes when our cats would walk by her.

She never ever ever complained. Up to her last day, when the vet told us that she shouldn't even be alive because her kidney values were so high, she kept her spirit and her love flowing. She greeted her partner with one last hello and wiggle before we had to let her go.

She was our Florrrrrrrrrrrrr. We still cry about losing her but we are so thankful to have had her for the time we did.

The reason I am writing this tribute is in hopes that others who are considering adopting a dog would not exclude those that may not have much time left. These dogs that are ‘Special Needs’ or up in their years might just be the ones that can share the most love and teach us a lesson in life about giving all you got, even if your time is limited. We all miss our Flor but she gave us 13 months of happiness and that time will be remembered and appreciated.

We still have Lennon with us. His is in good health and his kidneys seem to be stabilized. He has been waiting patiently for us to give him another partner, but has been hanging out with our 2 Chihuahuas and cats in the interim. My guess is that we will soon be paying a visit to BRLA to introduce Lennon and our Chihuahuas to some other boxers who need a home and allow them to pick their favorite to come on home with us.

I'd like to thank Lillian, Joni and Ursula for entrusting us to care for Flower. I know that Lillian had a special place in her heart for her since she spent much time administering her care while she was in the shelter.

Best regards,
Eddie and Stephanie Frescas

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