Lucky Dog: Daisy


At the seasoned age of 7, Daisy was relinquished to Boxer Rescue LA when her owner wanted to travel more with his band and didn't have enough time for Daisy.  The dog that he had raised from 10 weeks old, the dog that loved him unconditionally, the dog that stood right next to his side the day he dropped her (and her fancy AKC paperwork) off at BRLA, was now homeless, abandoned, confused and scared. Daisy found herself in a world she was never prepared for. 

For days Daisy stood in the back of her cage despondent. She would hang her head the minute she realized the person coming to her cage was not her beloved owner, but instead, a volunteer there to walk her, feed her, or clean her cage.  As the days turned into months, Daisy realized that her owner was never coming back.  The sad realization is that most adopters aren't looking for a 7 year old dog; no matter how well mannered, how calm, how potty trained, how loving and sweet they are.  Daisy had the sad fate of most senior rescue dogs where there are never enough homes left for them.  What little hope she had left her face. She became completely expressionless.  Her hair began to fall out and the light went out in her eyes. Scared to death that Daisy was about to give up, BRLA volunteers chipped in and sent her to "Camp Carlos" for a much needed reprieve from kennel life. There she would get training and socialization, lots of off leash time, a little sunshine, and the hope that she would soon find her forever family. 

At Camp Carlos, Daisy perked up a bit, but still was not herself.  She would bask in the sun which beats sitting in a kennel, but when other dogs congregated to play, Daisy stayed away from the pack. She would lie under a tree by herself, with that serious look in her eyes; as if still wondering what happened to her owner.  Potential adopters would meet Daisy who behaved like a perfect lady and tried so hard to win them over.  But time and time again, they would comment on her wonderful qualities, but then ask to meet the younger dogs.  As soon as they moved on, Daisy would literally hang her head and walk away; as if she knew she didn't make the cut again.  It was devastating to watch.  There really is nothing more heartbreaking than watching an abandoned senior lose a chance with a family.

But everything changed the day that Linda Ramos contacted BRLA to come and meet Masty, a big young Boxer mix who was also at Camp Carlos. He had come from the streets of South Central and was now fully trained by Carlos. Linda and her significant other, Tony, fell in love with Masty and had their hearts set on him before they even met him. It was a done deal. The BRLA volunteers took a chance and mentioned Daisy to see if Linda and Tony knew anyone who might want to come along and meet her. Having a heart the size of Texas, Linda put herself to work over the next week, diligently searching for a suitable home for Daisy.  And what she came up with would change Daisy's life forever.


Linda's sister and brother in-law live way up North in Vancouver, WA and wanted to opened their hearts and home to Daisy. They were so touched by her story that they agreed to adopt Daisy, sight unseen.  Many phone calls and emails later, John and Christi Young became the answer to many prayers; the loving, devoted owners that Daisy had waited over a year for.  Daisy had just celebrated her eighth birthday when the snow began to clear on the passes between Los Angeles and Washington state, and it was finally time for Daisy to start her long journey home.   Her "Auntie Linda" packed her up in the car and started driving Miss Daisy.   John met Linda half way where Daisy greeted her new dad with the hope and faith that she had finally found her people that would never ever leave her again.  From that day on, Daisy’s eyes again shine bright will love and gratitude!


Christi and John say it best. “John and I are thoroughly enjoying Daisy and getting to know her likes, dislikes and her personality.  She enjoys her "squeaky toys", and tug of war. She loves riding in the car, and if she is allowed to do so, she enjoys cuddling in our bed (she only gets on the bed when she is invited, though). We have waited for over 2 years to find the right dog for us, and she is it. Her behavior is impeccable, her personality is delightful, and she is just a joy to have around. I would just like to say to all of you, thank you!   This has been the most seamless transition we have ever had with any dog.  Daisy is polite, happy, and behaves as though she has been here forever. For anyone else out there who balks at the idea of adopting an older dog, I would just remind them that older dogs are mellow, lacking in behavioral problems, eager to please, and quick to bond.”


BRLA is grateful to Linda and Tony for making this love connection for Daisy. Rest assured their rescue boy Masty, now known as Big Mac is doing great and is also a lucky dog.



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