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Ruki with new family the first day she was rescued.

Just a little story for you to let you know it is not only in the United States that the abuse happens. We are military living in Japan. We were looking for a dog for our daughter for her 3 year birthday. We stumbled upon someone that said he had a Female brindle, JKC registered boxer that he knew of that the people were getting rid of. He told us if we were not going to take her that they were going to put her down. We offered to go out and look at her. I was very hesitant about getting a Boxer. I always had this thought that they were really mean. Well, we drove 2 hours to get to her. When we got there, she was being caged in a 4 foot high, 6 foot long, 3 feet wide cement kennel. She was starving and very scarred. I turned to my husband instantly and told him we were going to save her. That was last Monday. It is now Saturday. We brought her home, and on Wednesday we took her to the vet. She weighs 25.5 pounds and very malnourished. I feel so sorry for her. But she has taken' to my children ( 3 years and 10 months) like you would not believe. She lets my youngest climb, pull, push hit, and she takes it. But he gets licked to death! She is so good with them. She just started eating within the last 2 days, and not as timid as when we got her. The trust is starting to form. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. We already love her with all of our Hearts!

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