Hi everybody,
My name is Mike Brown.

I couldn't believe how many folks wrote and asked about me after my story was on our Boxer Rescue web page. You guys are so sweet. I've been so busy the last few months, I'm just now able to give you an update. I had another surgery. My back right leg just wouldn't heal, so it had to be taken off. That leg had a really bad bone infection & couldn't be saved. It's amazing, but I get around much better without it. I haven't cried a single time since the last operation. I've put on some weight, and I must say I look pretty darn good. Now I can actually run & play with the other dogs in the park. It's so fun to do that! And, I have a new job. I'm the spokes-dog for Boxer Rescue! It's rather glamorous really; my picture is on cans that are being placed in businesses for donations to Boxer Rescue. I've heard a lot of models get caught up in the fast life, but not me. I still love a quiet nite at home watching T. V. & being with my family.
Thanks for all the love and concern & if you're ever in my neighborhood I'll give you a big lick on the face.
I've gotta go--someone's walking by & I need to bark.

Kisses and wags,

Mike Brown

P. S. If you've got a business and would like to sponsor a can,
let us know!

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The Mike Brown Story 

Hello, my name is Mike Brown. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time, all I wanted to do was explore a parking lot. Before I knew what happened, my day of adventure turned to disaster! One of the big round rubber toys I was sniffing started rolling, I got in front of it to stop it, but it was too much for me. It ran right over me breaking my back legs!

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Since then, I've learned it wasn't a toy, it was a car. Hindsight is 20/20. Anyway I was taken to the shelter where they couldn't really help me. They said things like "'He'll need to be put down." Now I thought to myself, I feel like I'm as low as I can go, why would they want to put me down any more? But, since I couldn't walk I couldn't get up and leave. What'cha going to do?

 Next thing I know, I heard them talking about Boxer Rescue. That sounded nice. Sure enough, Boxer Rescue had me sent to a vet. He told the Boxer Rescue folks it would be a big challenge, but he could try to put my legs back together! 

Now you're talkin'! He said my recovery would be difficult, but I figured it's better than people trying to put me down all the time. Boxer Rescue found a foster home for me where I am recovering. I've got a heck of a limp, but I'm happy and able to give lots of love to the people around me. And after all, that's the reason I'm here. 

Hey, if you could be a foster parent or volunteer for Boxer Rescue we really need you! Call my people at (213) 532-6514

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