Maya With Piers


It was October of 97 that I first met Ursula of boxer rescue, and I didn't realize at the time how that fateful meeting would be the beginning of a new chapter in my life with boxers. In a park in encino we (Ursula) made an appointment to see the boxers that were available for adoption. There were five dogs in the back of her van in crates. They all had their special stories and health concerns, one in particular was in desperate need of a loving home. We call her Maya
today. Maya had recently given birth to a litter, was quite emaciated and had been badly mangled by a car. From her skittish behavior she had been abused as well.

I said to Ursula, don't you have any other boxers? She assured me that this was a fine dog and that she would indeed recover from her wounds. That was very hard to believe considering the condition that Maya was in. With the promise of a refund if things didn't work out I took Maya home. We began a regime of antibiotics, weekly bandage changes, and physical therapy to save her mangled leg and a heavy dose of love and nurturing.

It took about four months to put Maya back together, and then it was off to obedience school for two months. Two years later I have the most wonderful and loyal friend a human could have. I often take Maya to my daughter's school to teach the children about dog safety and the importance of caring for our doggie friends.

When Maya and I walk by the school the children are delighted to see her and want to visit with her. My daughter Piers is perhaps the first four-year-old spokesperson for boxer rescue and has decided to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Recently we went to the groomer at the Animal clinic, and there in one of the pens was the most beautiful brindle male boxer. He is about ten months old and was recuperating from surgery to repair a badly broken leg, neutering and tail cropping. Needless to say this pup was a little skeleton with the face of an angel.

My daughter pleaded for us to take him home. Mind you I'm not in the market for a new puppy especially one that will need a lot of care for the first few months.

Well, one day when my daughter came home from school, the new boxer was in our home. I can't tell you the delight and surprise my daughter expressed! Our new puppy was promptly named Bosco, you know, like the chocolate drink from the sixties. We are all adjusting well, most importantly Maya absolutely loves Bosco and has difficulty being patient for Bosco to heal from his wounds so that they can play together! I now have two wonderful boxers and can't even begin to imagine life without one.

I urge anyone who reads about my experience to please do not overlook the dogs with special needs. Consider fostering so that these loving dogs can later be adopted. I'm so grateful to boxer Rescue for introducing me to Maya and Bosco!


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