Let me tell you about George, he stole my heart.


George was discovered living, in the intense summer heat and through the heavy, cold, winter rains,, in a 5 x. 7 pen. George was never allowed out of his pen, was never walked, was never given any human contact or love. In addition, he was living is his own excrement. Thankfully, a fellow Boxer owner and loving lady happened upon George and reported his condition to the Humane Society. The Humane Society investigated George and his situation, but as terrible as it was, all they could do: was issue a warning to George's owner.

This Boxer loving lady did not give up, she recruited 2 additional Boxer loving friends and together they tried everything, including bribery, to get George's owner to release him to them. Finally after 5 agonizing days of this coercing, the owner relented and gave George up. The first thing the ladies did after retrieving George was to put him on a long lead and run up and down the street with him. Despite all of his isolation and suffering, he was full of love and true Boxer spirit.

Boxer Rescue Fund of Los Angeles then took George. We had the task of getting him healthy, neutered, teaching him a few manners, and healing his ravaged ears from fly strikes (his ears were completely raw). We had never seen anything like it. His ears hurt him so badly that he would not let anyone touch his head. We treated his ears and gave him lots of love, which he accepted eagerly and returned so enthusiastically. As his ears healed, he then let you pet and touch his head. Soon, the only remaining scars of George's plight was his lost puppy-hood. He was so exuberant, full of energy, life and love.

After 4 months in the care of Boxer Rescue, George had his lucky day a few weeks ago when he won the hearts of a wonderful family and they gave him the life he so deserved. George is being properly spoiled and is the baby of the family. George is now able to run free in his new back yard at his every whim, I could not have wished for a happier ending for my boy, George.

Yes, I miss George so, but there will be many more Boxers who come through this rescue with a past just as bad, maybe worse. We don't always know their story to tell, but they all have love to give, are deserving of a home and a happy ending.

Leegie Parker
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