Gentle Ben

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Gentle Ben When He First Came To The Kennel

Special Thanks to the people that care and made this rescue possible. Mr. Ralph Uribe and wife Zenayda.
Beverly Berger from Rottweiler Rescue. 
Our Boxer Benefactor - Ursula Sauthier

Boxer Rescued on Mothers Day.

Monday, May 8, 2000
The following message was sent to BRLA: Mrs. Uribe reports that her husband has been feeding a stray Boxer near his work-place... The dog appears to be injured (leg or legs). They want to know what to do next, they have dogs at home. Please call ASAP. Ursula replies: "I called Mrs. Uribe, still no answer yet as to the whereabouts of the stray. My heart is aching for this dog."

Thursday, May 11, 2000 A second message was received at BRLA: I just talked to Mrs. Uribe, the dog is still there. He's in the City of Lynwood, at the main parking lot of Michael's furniture warehouse. Mr. Uribe continues to feed the dog and leaves water for him. Dog is very thin! 

Ursula replies: "We need to rescue Boxer ASAP. Alan, I just talked to Joe, he will contact Mr. Uribe and drive by tonight, let's hope we can help this little skinny lost soul."

My wife and I are animal lovers and volunteers at Boxer Rescue L A. At about 5:00 PM., I received a telephone call from Ursula to inform me of an apparently injured stray Boxer that needed to be rescued and asked me for help. The situation seemed to be urgent and was immediately considered top priority. I closed my office and headed home to call Mr. Uribe. During our conversation, Mr. Uribe advised me that the factory was closing for the day. He recommended trying early the next morning since the dog would often come to the gate looking for food.

The next day I got up at 5:00 am, and took off to the City of Lynwood looking for the injured dog. I got to Michael's warehouse and drove around the building a couple of times, but there was no sign of him. After waiting for about half an hour, I tried to contact Ralph Uribe but had no luck. It was getting late for work so I decided to drive around the neighborhood before I headed back home hoping I could find our homeless friend. Luckily, after a few minutes, I thought I spotted a dog lying on the middle of the road just a couple of blocks away from Michael's warehouse. From the distance, his coat seemed to be too dark for a Boxer but I prepared my leash and dog treats anyway. As I got closer to him, I realized the dog was not a Boxer. It was a Rottweiler! I got out of the car and tried to call him, he gave me a dirty look, got up, and walked away. He was thin and his back leg was injured! Just as described in the message. I was confused and didn't know what to do, so I headed back home and then to work, I needed to speak to Ralph and get more information about the stray.

I contacted Ralph and explained my findings to him. He seemed surprised, confused, and now not so sure that the dog in question was in fact a Boxer. "I think it is a boxer he said, I used to own one long time ago, but let me check again and I will call you back". Around 4:00 PM, I spoke to him again, this time he sounded convinced. "I think you are right, I believe the dog is a Rottweiler after al!"

My wife searched the web immediately and found two contacts to Rottweiler Rescue, she called right away and left messages for both of them regarding our homeless friend. Before the day was over, we received a call from Beverly Berger from Rottweiler Rescue, and I explained the situation to her. I offered her my assistance to capture the Rotty if she was willing to take him. It was Friday night, and although she had promised to spend the weekend with her Mom for Mother's day, she made the commitment to meet Sunday morning at 8:00 am to rescue the stray.

Sunday 8:00 AM. I met Beverly just around the corner of Michael's warehouse. I saw a pleasant looking lady getting out of a mini pickup truck, her long white hair held back in a ponytail, waiving enthusiastically at me. We talked for a few minutes and developed a plan to search the area, hoping to find our four-legged friend. We took off in different directions, combed the Barrio streets one by one for several minutes without luck and met again. We shared our thoughts I told her I would search the streets once more but advised her that if unsuccessful, I would have to go back home and continue my quest the following day. We agreed to keep each other informed of any news. I drove around the Barrio once again without any luck, I felt discouraged and decided to call it off for the day and return home, but not before stopping at the parking lot of Michael's warehouse for the last time. To my surprise, I found an excited Beverly right outside Michael's furniture waving at me screaming "It's there, It's right there in the middle of those bushes! I tried to approach him but he got scared and ran away". I could almost picture the big Rottweiler scared and irritated, getting ready to attack or take off. As I was getting out of the car, she smiled at me and said "I've got news for you, it is not a Rottweiler, it's a Boxer".

My heart pounded and I felt butterflies tickling my stomach. In a way, I was happy that we found him but still I felt a twinge of sadness. After all, another Boxer thoughtlessly had been abandoned. One thing I knew for sure, I was not going to rest until I brought this guy to Boxer Rescue LA! Beverly had previously attempted to get closer and bribe him with food; he was probably starving to death but so frightened that he ran away. I knew I had to be careful, I didn't want to take the chance to lose him. I carefully looked around the area and through the bushes, right in the middle of a dirty, bushy area, saw an old beat up sofa, probably used for my homeless friend as a bed and shelter. At last, a few yards away I spotted a sad looking, scared and, at one time, beautiful Boxer. He was very skinny, his injured back leg was limping and hanging in the air. His Flashy-Fawn coat was so filthy and infected with mange that he could have easily passed for a Brindle. His Boxer face with droopy eyes, wrinkled forehead and hanging jowls, seemed so worried! I could almost feel his desire to come and greet me, as only Boxers do, (wiggling his butt, doing the Mariachi Dance, jumping on my lap and licking my face). I could also sense his fear that perhaps I was another careless, ignorant or mean and abusive human being, intruding upon his temporary shelter.

Trying to gain his trust, I kneeled close to the ground getting down to his level. I offered the food, inviting him to come towards me, but he would not budge. He stood still staring at me for a few minutes. Suddenly, he walked away, he decided to move to an area near the street, perhaps an open area that he could consider as neutral ground. Keeping his distance, he sat down! I waited a few minutes and slowly moved towards the same open area, stopping just a few yards away from him. Kneeling to the ground again I offered him food once more, this time he seemed more interested. I knew I was making progress, but did not want to scare him off and miss the opportunity, so I waited patiently. We were sitting in the middle of the street waiting, looking at each other; at last he cautiously made his move and started to approach me. I offered him the food, grabbed the leash and... GOT HIM! He inhaled the food and thanked me for it, he was so gentle, I hugged him and he loved it! I'm sure he knew his homeless days were over.

It was Mother's day, so I named him Sonny. Since BRLA was on Beverly's way home, she kindly offered to drop him at Boxerland where he spent a couple of days until he was taken to Dr. Craig's for an evaluation.

Joe Ramirez

After intensive medical skin treatment and a course of anti-biotics... 4 weeks later... in Ursula's foster care,  with lots of TLC, he was adopted and is moving into first 'Class Condo Living' and will be parading himself in a convertible! And found his new name "GENTLE BEN" ....

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