My Mikey Also See Ursula's Note

He sits. Looking at me with total love and adoration
in his eyes.

He shifts his gaze and looks, with total love and
adoration at the refrigerator. He knows that's where
his hot-dogs live.

With those hot-dogs we have conquered the fears and the
challenges that faced us when we were new, Mikey and I.

Those damn ear mites. The dreaded ear drops...the
daily application of cleanser!

I no longer have to chase him around. He now
obediently comes to me...lays on his back and lets me
clean his ears and apply the drops. One eardrum has
already healed...

He is always at my side now. He never leaves my sight
nor lets me leave his.

He has chosen to be my forever protector. Always on
the alert for things that go bump in the night...for
anything that might harm me or his kids.

He has won "my" trust. I know that no matter what the
circumstances, he would always try to please me and
never, ever hurt me.

He has become my confidant. He listens to all my
human woes and always offers solace.

He has made me laugh, often.

He has become my children's favorite playmate...
He prefers basketball to other sports.

He has become my soul mate. I see, in him, that little
part of myself that always needs to take care of
another. He has taken care of me.....

He has been adopted...and they are wonderful! They
will come for him tomorrow. And as I was getting his
paperwork ready for his new family, I took a moment to
read it.

He has been at Ursula's since February. How ironic
that's when I went there to adopt my "new" dog (and I
didn't choose him)....and how strange that 6 months
later "I" would be the one to drive him across the
desert and eventually he would come to live with me.

Maybe it was fate that brought him here to me. To
re-teach me those age old lessons...that good things
come in small (60lb) packages? That you can't judge a
book by it's cover?

Maybe he came to remind me what a loyal companion
one's dog can be?

Maybe he came because he's an angel and God knew I
needed him.

How sad that this wonderful, intelligent, obedient
little man had to wait so long to find a home.

And though I'm happy he's finally found a family to
love him....

I realize now I love him too!

My heart will break and I will cry tomorrow when he
leaves me.

Oh how lucky I was...
To have had him for this little while

Mikey's Foster Mom - Jennifer

Ursula's Note
This little guy came from a divorcing home with his mate and a litter of 4 pups 8 weeks old. The owner had picked one boxer from the free ad and they lived on her balcony and had puppies. Cindy (up north) took the pups for placement and we kept the parents (and of course ended the breeding carrier; both got sterilized!) The female (age 6) was placed by Phoenix Boxer Rescue a few months ago, (she was picked from the featured picture on the web) but Mikey age 4 was still waiting.
Every week at the kennel I would see him sitting in the same spot waiting for his turn to leave. One day I could no longer stand it and ask Trish for help - off he went for placement to our dedicated Phoenix Boxer Rescue group!
SO THRILLED - with a warm heart, and so thankful to Jennifer, Mikey's
foster Mom!
Hugs, Ursula


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