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SFM (single fawn male) looking for love.

If you were to read our Bubba’s personal ad he would have to confess his fetish for whipped cream. Actually anything at all related to food is Bubba’s number one favorite thing in the world. Bubba loves to eat and will nose through bags and cabinets to find something tasty.

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He is 10 years old going on 2.  He came to BRLA as a stray way back in 2005.  He did get adopted and enjoyed many years with his loving family but they lost their home and back he came.

He is a delightful old guy. He has tons of positive energy and is one of the happiest boxers alive. Every day is an adventure for and with Bubba. He is very curious, spunky and playful. He does the best Dance of Joy ever. He can really shake it up for a senior.

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Bubba loves people of all ages but he prefers to be the only dog in your home. He also does not care for cats much either. He is a very clever guy and is able to open gate latches to let himself out for a walk. His previous family could not figure out how he kept getting out of the yard since their gate remained locked. He probably either climbed or jumped out.

He has a great sense of direction and would always show up back in his own front yard after wandering the neighborhood. He loves riding in the car. He has been known to jump out of the car window if left alone in the parking lot just to check out the “new” area.

As we already addressed, Bubba loves his grub and will proceed to open up food bags/containers and snack on any goodies that are within his reach.  He love any an all treats and will do just about anything for one.

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He makes such a great companion and would be ideal for a home where his family is home most of the time. Bubba is a great guy for most lifestyles that involve a person or people who love their home and spend lots of time enjoying it.  Bubba loves stay at home moms and packs of kids. Bubba also loves those of you lucky enough to work from home. He is a great home office dog and could be your C.S.O –Chief Security Officer.

He is a very good boy with a great sense of humor.  He is a big guy and can act like a silly child when it comes time for him to go to bed. But boy oh boy does Bubba love to sleep. You can see how much fun you will have with Bubba in your life.

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If you do not know about the joys of adopting a senior, Bubba will tell you himself.

"I'm easy and lovable. I don't ask for much. I won't make you take me for hikes or to the dog park. I will always clean the floor should you drop anything (food). I love to watch TV and I'm not picky about what channel we watch. I just want a real home to live out my life. I have been waiting a long, long time."

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